there’s nothing more satisfying than translating intangible feelings into a beautiful room that tells a story... your story. 
— albie knows


For years, I worked as a self-proclaimed “silent salesperson” -- I was a retail visual merchandiser -- translating brands’ visions into something tangible and ultimately, transactional. My marketing degree taught me how to "sell" brands, while my actual job taught me how to "sell" lifestyles -- all by telling a story!

When I decided to make the natural transition from product presentation into interior design, I was substituting fixtures for furniture & apparel for accents, all as another form of storytelling.

Your want it to reflect you, and the people & things you hold dear to you. You want to fit design into your life, not the other way around. You want it to tell your story!

I know what it's like to have a lot of things in the air -- personally & professionally -- while trying to turn your house/apartment/condo/etc. into a home. I know what it's like to have to prioritize tasks to be tackled & money to be spent, because in addition to creating beautiful spaces & helping other designpreneurs navigate the inner workings of being an online designer (it's kinda my jam) I'm a military wife & toddler mom.

Fall of 2016, we moved from NYC to Washington state with nothing but our clothes & her toys. Literally, the only piece of furniture we brought with us was a console desk from IKEA that has served as my desk, bar console, and now bedroom vanity. #UPCYCLE.

Interior design is more than a style…

it’s a lifestyle!

I wanna know what story you're telling! I want you to be the product presentation specialist of your home!

Stop me when I'm wrong...

  • you’ve read the blogs, pinned the inspiration, binge-watched the shows... and now you're ready for your own dreamscape!

  • you're a self-designated design enthusiast so you aren't afraid of designing on your own but struggle with finding your starting point

For some, hiring a designer to do all the heavy lifting is exactly what they need but if that's not where you are, that's okay too! To create your dreamscape, I just want you to have the most information & best resources in hand!

I hope you decide to keep hanging out with me here in my little corner of the interwebs because I have A LOT to share!

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