How to Redesign & Decorate on a Budget

It's the time of year for lots of hosting & entertaining, so naturally you want your place to look the best it possibly could. I know lots of people who take this opportunity to finally work oh home upgrades, not only for guests, but also to start the year off with a fresh look!

But what do you do if you don't have the budget (or desire) for a complete design overhaul because you're buying gifts & things for the holiday season? 

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3 Sexy Pieces to Turn Up Your... Dining Room

With it being the season of good eats & large gathers, it only made sense to follow that up with the dining room! By now, you've learned to how & what to measure for your dining room, so let's talk about really taking it to the next level with these marquee furnishing upgrades.

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Easy Dining Room Measurements

Wherever you are in your design journey, there are some key basics that you need to know to get your dining situation situated, especially when it comes to measurements so that you get the appropriate pieces that fit the space as much as they fit your lifestyle.

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2017 Holiday Shopping Guide For The Home

We are just about halfway through November & I thought it high time I stop denying that the holidays are here. Ready or not, they're coming! 

For the next 2 weeks-ish, I'll be walking you through all kinds of holiday prep from #pinterestgoals tablescaping to creating a cozy, comfy guest ready abode. You'd be surprised how much decor styling & interior design goes into the holidays -- and most of us don't even realize it!! So to help you out, I'm kicking the fun off with my curated Holiday Shopping Guide -- for the home, of course -- featuring some of my fav finds for the holiday season. 

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Review: DaVinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib

So if you read my space saving post on cribs, then you already know I’m a proponent of the mini crib.  Saves space and money, and as a first-time mom, that’s all we ever really need more of (well that and sleep, lots and lots of sleep). 

Even though we know we wanted a mini crib, we had no clue which to choose. We decided on the DaVinci Alpha for one main reason — it rocks (literally and figuratively). 

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Small Space Must Have: The Mini Crib

Enter the mini crib!

It was amazing to me how not a single one of my family members, friends, acquaintances, or even co workers had ever heard of it. Admittedly, I can’t even remember how I stumbled upon this wonderfulness (you google enough, I guess you’ll find anything) but I’m glad I did.

So… what is the mini crib?

It’s exactly what its name says — a small crib, measuring about a foot (give or take) shorter than a standard size crib, making a great long term alternative to a bassinet and space saving alternative to a standard size crib.

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How To Fit 3 People In a New York City Studio

New York City living is practically synonymous with small space living, so whenever I tell people that we used to live in a NYC studio apartment, in the heart of Manhattan no less, the expressions on their faces tend to alternate between amazement, confusion, and pity. But for 16 months, my husband, daughter, and I all comfortable fit in our c. 500 sq. ft. studio. 

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October Favorites: 31 Things That Made Me Happy

🍁 Welcome to November! 🍂

I feel like I JUST did my September favorites and yet here I am already doing October. It's as though God sat on the remote, and is speed channel surfing. Not that I'm complaining, but I don't know that I've ever seen a year fly by the way 2017 has. 

No matter how fast it goes by though, I still found some time to stop and think about the things -- great or small -- that made me happy. 

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H&M Food & Friends Kitchenware Collection

So last month, one of the things that made me happy & made my favorites list was H&M's new fall kitchenware collection, Food & Friends. Even the dangone name sounds awesome, so in hidnsight, I shouldn't have expected anything less than epic happiness delivered to my door when I ordered some of the collection items. 

When I first saw the launch email, the first thing that excited me about the collection was the palette -- woon tones, rich navy blues, and lots of gold ✨ it was like someone from H&M snuck into my home & decided to create a collection curated around my actual palette...



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