Pulse Check: My Story in 2017

I'm excited for the journey ahead because I'm defining my path in a way that feels good versus a way that simply looks good -- the irony. I can't lie -- it's been super hard balancing my 8 million ideas, my responsibilities as a mom & wife, going back to school... ALL on top of the business. I got a little fatigued just typing that all out. Sheesh! But I can see, even though I've been probably the most exhausted I've ever been in life, I am also probably the most inspired I've been in a very very long time! 

I Am So Proud of my New Design Intensive!

Let's be honest, not everyone even thinks interior design is something that's even accessible to them (but that's another post for another day). That misconception has lead them to believe they have to bootstrap (and struggle) their way through designing & decorating their space. Add to that, if you're raising a family & a business, you've more than likely just resolved to live with your space as is because you don't have the time, patience, and/or budget to bring your dreamscape to life... well let's just say, I needed to dispell all this tomfoolery. 

Home Makeovers: How I Created My First Home Office Back in New York City

Aside from needing a place for work, working from home with a newborn baby, I needed some semblance of order and normalcy, and a work space was critical in creating that. I see this come up A LOT where entrepreneurs, especially, get it in their head that they need huge amount of space or a dedicated room for their office. Add a child to that equation, and the thinking is that any additional space should be for the tots, as though wanting that spapce for yourself makes you selfish. Lies &  fibulations!