12 Days of Holiday Giving With Surya


If you know nothing else about me, then know this — I love love LOVE holiday giveaways!

And it’s so funny because it’s certainly not because I ever win them (although last holiday season, I won three giveaways all within the same month!) but because for a season that’s gotten so commercialized, it always makes me smile when there’s some good thrown in there.

So when one of my favorite vendors for home accents, Surya, told me about their 12 Days of Giving, I was super geeked. And since sharing is caring, I figured you might wanna get in on the action to win you some prizes too!

In the spirit of the season, we are excited to kick off Surya’s 12 Days of Giving Instagram Giveaway!
— Surya

So over the course of 12 days, Surya is giving away 12 of their accessories — rugs, lighting, pillows, etc. — and all you have to do is:

  1. Follow @suryasocial on Instagram

  2. Like the post for that day’s prize

  3. Tag 2 friends in the comments of the post

That’s it! Like legit, it’s probably what you’re already doing on Instagram anyway!

I have a whole post that I did on some of my favorite Surya pieces at the time, but to be honest, I am constantly shopping and/or swooning over their pieces, so that’s why I know you’re gonna wanna get in on this giveaway.

Here’s the best part of a home giveaway — that’s one less piece of the decorating puzzle! And if you happen to be completely done on your design journey — KUDOS! — any one of these 12 items would make an amazing Christmas (depending on when you get it), housewarming, or wedding gift.

I’m excited for this & in the spirit of full disclosure — know that I’ll be entering every single day! But I hope to see you enter & win something dope too!

Albie Knows