4 Pieces to Transition Your Home Into Spring


It’s finally spring, after what feels like one of the longest winters ever — and I mean this across the board, no matter where you live in the States, this winter kicked your butt. Even here in Washington, we got hit with, what I hear, is an unprecedented snow storm! I could’ve just stayed in NYC for the amount of snow we got this year, but I digress. 

Thankfully, winter is gone, gone, gone, and spring is officially underway, which means time to pack away all that winter wardrobe and decor, and step into some long overdue spring style!

Since I am no fashionista, here are my 4 recommended pieces to help you transition your home into spring:

Transition Your Home Into Spring | Albie Knows

Flowers & Greenery

Spring time is all about the flowers (much to the chagrin of allergy sufferers) so bringing flowers & greenery into your space is one of the best way to embrace brighter and lighter weather. Even with faux plants, you can bring the outdoors in. You can change the vibe with bright flowers and lots of green pops that are refreshing and perfect for the season. 

P.S. new plants is a great excuse to play around with new planters & decor pops!

Throw Pillow Covers

Throw pillow covers are one of my favorite transitional pieces in any season. You can easily take them off and switch them out as you see fit. Because you’re only switching the cover, storing in between seasons is as simple as folding them down and tucking them into your linen closet. 

Classic Duvet Set

Spring time means chilly mornings and nights so it’s always a good idea to keep your bed adorned with a duvet and like pillow covers, duvet sets are easy to switch out for the seasons. 

A lightweight duvet is perfect for cozying up as we get into the warmer months, without getting you too warm, and whether you go for a linen or a washed cotton, your duvet set can totally set the spring tone in your bedroom. 

Knit Throws

No need to pack up all your knits just yet; instead pair them with your spring inspired pillow covers and duvet sets. In addition to being great for these chilly spring nights, those knits will be a perfect additional layer of texture that is perfect for creating a cozy environment year round. 

Be it draped over the arm of your sofa or at the foot or at the foot of your bed, those knits will definitely come in handy this season. 

As the weather finally lets up — and is here to stay — what spring decor trends will you be trying in your home? 

This week I head out to High Point Market AND kick off week one of the One Room Challenge. Follow along as I implement a lil bit of spring design as the temperature continues to rise. 

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