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One Room Challenge Budget Breakdown: How Much It Cost To Refresh My Bedroom

As you may already know, for the Fall One Room Challenge, I refreshed our master bedroom — a few major upgrades & some minor decor updates, but all renter-friendly. The transformation made a huge difference in the function & aesthetic of our bedroom, and when I shared it on Instagram, I got quite a few questions surrounding the cost of doing something like this. So I said to myself, “why not breakdown the cost of everything — past, present, and sponsored, that went into creating my Hygge bedroom?”

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One Room Challenge Week 6: Master Bedroom Hygge Refresh Reveal & Tour

It’s crazy to think that a simple bedroom refresh, redesign if you will, turned out to be this laborious undertaking, but man oh man, was it worth it. Overall the plan was to use the space better, and in turn it would feel better…all while keeping in mind that we rent. While I wasn’t able to get everything done, because life and all that, what ended up being left over isn’t anything that can’t be tackled in our free time.

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One Room Challenge Week 5: Master Bedroom Storage & Mattress Update

One of the biggest components of making this new transformation work is storage — no sense in having everything nice & pretty if it can’t stay that way because there’s no where to put anything. And I am so glad we upgraded our mattress before kicking off this madness & mayhem, because while it may just be a redesign — no reno or major cosmetic upgrades — it’s still somehow managed to turn our bedroom upside down; so imagine having the bedroom in shambles AND an uncomfortable mattress!

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One Room Challenge Week 4: Master Bedroom Refresh With George Nelson Bubble Sconces

As a renter, the common theory is that we deal with whatever the existing ceiling lighting is are and then maybe get some table and/or floor lamps, but that’s not what I wanted. 

I wanted sconces specifically to make the best use of the space — table & floor lamps take up space that I wasn’t willing to spare. After having a table lamp on our nightstand for nearly a year I knew I wanted that surface area back. 

Even as a renter, with a very focused search, I quickly found that I was not limited in my stylish lighting solutions.

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One Room Challenge Week 3: Master Bedroom Refresh With Peel & Stick Wood Panels

One of the first things that stood out to me when we moved in was the paint color because it wasn’t my personal cup of tea. Getting a chance to team up with Wallplanks to do an accent wall was like a DREAM!

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One Room Challenge Week 2: Master Bedroom Refresh Design Plan

Having already most of the marquee pieces — bed, rug, seating, window treatments, and nightstand, I wanted to be sure to work with them. I partnered with the amazing team over at From the Forest, the parent company of Wallplanks, chose my planks and knew this was exactly what the room needed to feel cozier, brighter, and more like us. 

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One Room Challenge Week 1: Master Bedroom Hygge Refresh

This past May, I participated in the One Room Challenge for the first time  & it was a great opportunity to show our condo balcony some love — transforming it from an unused storage overflow area to a Hygge inspired outdoor space where we enjoyed the entire spring & summer season! Now it’s time for another One Room Challenge & I’m excited to be participating again, this time with our master bedroom.

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My Toddler Bedroom Room Tour & Reveal

Over the summer we decided to give our daughter her own room, which meant moving out of my home office & transitioning that room into a space fit for a threenager — fun but peaceful, child-friendly but chic, and most importantly something she would love!

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Spring Into Summer Home Decor Shopping Haul

As I got ready to makeover our balcony for the One Room Challenge I did quite a bit of shopping from some of my fav retailers. So let's go over everything I bought so you can hopefully get inspired to create some indoor/outdoor Hygge in your home for the warmer months!

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Outdoor Hygge Balcony Makeover: One Room Challenge Wrap Up & Reveal

I hereby declare this to be Tropical Hygge! You heard it here're welcome! Aside from finally having our balcony in it's best state since we've moved in, making it a space where we can leisurely hang out & enjoy the outdoors, what I'm most proud of is that despite the limitations that come with renting, I knew I could transform this boring balcony into a super dope outdoor sanctuary. While there were some things I wish I could've done, I couldn't be happier with our new outdoor Hygge space. 

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Outdoor Hygge Balcony Makeover: One Room Challenge (Week 3)

You’ve seen the before tour. You’ve seem my inspiration board, design plans, & digital renders. This week I’ll be sharing with you my shopping! 

I do have a few items that I’m still deliberating on but didn’t wanna hold up the design while I work through my indecisiveness. Plus it’s not like they’ll make or break the final transformation.

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Outdoor Hygge Balcony Makeover: One Room Challenge (Week 2)

So now that we're in the second week of the One Room Challenge, while I already had my vision in place, this was when I really get deep into planning the space & making my concept more tangible. 

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