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One Room Challenge Week 6: Master Bedroom Hygge Refresh Reveal & Tour

It’s crazy to think that a simple bedroom refresh, redesign if you will, turned out to be this laborious undertaking, but man oh man, was it worth it. Overall the plan was to use the space better, and in turn it would feel better…all while keeping in mind that we rent. While I wasn’t able to get everything done, because life and all that, what ended up being left over isn’t anything that can’t be tackled in our free time.

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My Toddler Bedroom Room Tour & Reveal

Over the summer we decided to give our daughter her own room, which meant moving out of my home office & transitioning that room into a space fit for a threenager — fun but peaceful, child-friendly but chic, and most importantly something she would love!

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Lessons I Learned Buying A Mattress Online (And Mistakes To Avoid)

This post is in partnership with Nest Bedding, but all the opinions & experiences are my own. For many, a bedroom refresh usually means some new furnishings and decor, maybe a fresh coat of paint, or finally hanging some window treatments. For us, after moving our daughter into her own room, our bedroom refresh started underneath the sheets -- with the mattress!

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Clean With Me: Carpet Deep Clean & End of Summer Tablescaping

Overdue for some carpet cleaning in the dining room, I pulled out my Bissell Proheat Essentials and also took the opportunity to also squeeze in some tablescaping to tone down the summer vibes & get ready for fall. 

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Renter Friendly Upgrade With Removable Wallpaper

Time and time again you hear about what isn't possible as a renter, with one of those things being wallpapering! But to be fair, almost no one likes to wallpaper, not even homeowners, because when you think of the removal process all you know is that it sucks! This is why I've been a long time fan of removable (or "peel and stick") wallpaper.

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Shop With Me: Hobby Lobby Shopping Haul For Toddler Bedroom

This shopping haul may be the first of many as we transition our daughter into her 1st room, in addition to switching up other areas of our condo due to the move. In case you missed it, you can read about the whole thing HERE but in short, I've moved out of my home office, aka our second bedroom, and we're giving it to our daughter. While this was intended to be a quick & simple trip to Hobby Lobby (is there ever such a thing) it turned into a bit of a mini haul.

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Spring Into Summer Home Decor Shopping Haul

As I got ready to makeover our balcony for the One Room Challenge I did quite a bit of shopping from some of my fav retailers. So let's go over everything I bought so you can hopefully get inspired to create some indoor/outdoor Hygge in your home for the warmer months!

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Outdoor Hygge Balcony Makeover: One Room Challenge Wrap Up & Reveal

I hereby declare this to be Tropical Hygge! You heard it here're welcome! Aside from finally having our balcony in it's best state since we've moved in, making it a space where we can leisurely hang out & enjoy the outdoors, what I'm most proud of is that despite the limitations that come with renting, I knew I could transform this boring balcony into a super dope outdoor sanctuary. While there were some things I wish I could've done, I couldn't be happier with our new outdoor Hygge space. 

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Touring The World's Largest Furniture Store: Furnitureland South

I was blessed & honored to be invited to be a speaker on the E-Design panel at High Point Spring Market (#HPMKT). Not only did I get to speak on something I love alongside women I admire, but I also got to meet with the founder of #thedesignnetwork & co-owner of the WORLD's largest furniture store, #furniturelandsouth. I left this MASSIVE furniture campus feeling more than inspired, so I hope it does the same for you!

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Outdoor Hygge Balcony Makeover: One Room Challenge (Week 3)

You’ve seen the before tour. You’ve seem my inspiration board, design plans, & digital renders. This week I’ll be sharing with you my shopping! 

I do have a few items that I’m still deliberating on but didn’t wanna hold up the design while I work through my indecisiveness. Plus it’s not like they’ll make or break the final transformation.

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Outdoor Hygge Balcony Makeover: One Room Challenge (Week 2)

So now that we're in the second week of the One Room Challenge, while I already had my vision in place, this was when I really get deep into planning the space & making my concept more tangible. 

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Outdoor Hygge Balcony Makeover: One Room Challenge (Week 1)

I am both excited & anxious because never have an ever participated in the One Room Challenge! To be honest, every time it came across my radar I would think to myself, "One day I'd love to do that!" REALLY thinking, "One day when I own a house I'd love to do that."

While you can't knock down walls or swap out fixtures, there is a lot you can do to makeover your rental, transforming it into something that is uniquely you!

So when this One Room Challenge came around I said that there is absolutely no reason I can't participate!

I was already prepping to do different refreshes throughout our condo, with the balcony being my main focus for the spring, so that we could truly take advantage of having this outdoor area. 

While I don't know that I'll be able to do everything I'd like, I think I've set some pretty attainable goals & I am excited for the next 6 weeks! 

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