Amazon Shopping: ROYGBIV For The Home


In case you’re new to me and my story, I’m a visual merchandiser turned interior designer.

I took my skills in organizing and styling retail shops, and translated them into organizing and styling homes — trading in fixtures for furnishings, and apparel for accents. One of my favorite presentation styles as a merchandiser was color blocking but specifically using ROYGBIV to display merchandise. 


ROYGBIV is an acronym for Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet — aka the rainbow.

Most creatives, from interior designers to website designers, learn this acronym as an easy visual tool; but my love for it is a bit more on the nerdy side — it’s way easier for my eyes (and brain) to process and follow along. It’s like wayfinding. In visual merchandising it was a great navigational tool for myself and shoppers alike. This is something that I’ve carried with me right into home design and organization. Remember my recent One Room Challenge transformation? ROYGBIV cataloguing made a huge difference in my client’s closet — totes transformative! 

But besides the closet, how else can you bring a little more ROYGBIV into styling your home?

With June being LGBT Pride Month, I’ve been reminded of how a rainbow — ROYGBIV — can be a fun and vibrant addition to any space!

No matter how you feel about color — y’all know I am a big fan of using color to turn up the style by the way! — the rainbow is a universal symbol and standard for organization; and summertime is the perfect excuse to bring more color into the home, brightening things up for the warmer months.

Albie Knows ROYGBIV Shopping For The Home

Since shopping Amazon is one of my favorite past times — keep your judgment to yourself — here are my ROYGBIV inspired finds for the entire home:

Bringing color into your home doesn’t have to be rocket science — you can do a little or a much as you’d like as seen in my kitchen color series. What makes using the rainbow or ROYGBIV as your guide is that you’re tending to design aesthetics and home organization all at the same time. 

Thank me later. 

Albie Knows
Albie Knows ROYGBIV For The Home