Announcement: The New Albie Knows Decor Discovery Shop

Albie Knows Decor Discovery Shop Launch

Back in 2016 when I launched the original Decor Discovery it was a subscription box —  I thought I was out of my depth & just downright nuts, but I went for it anyway, and was immensely blessed to have seen it come to life.

When I launched the box, it was with the sole intention of connecting awesome people with pretty things — I wanted to be able to help anyone looking for an affordable, convenient, and ongoing way to keep their space updated.

Plus, who doesn't like receiving nice surprises?!

Each box was designed to work with any space and/or decor style, and the pieces I chose were intended to be both functional & attractive. Sounds amazing right? Duh — because it was!

After an amazing first year, as I prepped for year two, I had a decision to make — a tough one.

Albie Knows Decor Discovery Shop Launch

Between the subscription box, taking care of my home & family, full time grad schoolwork, and a healthy pipeline of client projects, I’d officially burnt myself out both physically and mentally. I was starting to deteriorate on all fronts & something had to go. 

It broke my heart to admit but the subscription box, at that time, was what made the most sense to let go of — I didn’t have a team so everything was on me, from sourcing the product to packaging to hand writing the thank you notes. It was a lot and while it was profitable, I knew that the input wasn’t matching up to the output, so I closed the doors, knowing that this would only be temporary. 

Here we are, now another year later, and I still have that passion for shopping & wanted to bring my finds to you. But now, instead of a bi-monthly subscription box, I’ve decided to do so by way of a curated shop! 

Unlike the subscription box, this isn’t recurring — I have partnered with vendors I love but instead of handpicking pieces to send to you, I’ve handpicked items that you can now shop yourself. 

And unlike my favorites page, which is now just a list of my favorite vendors, these are items that you’re getting exclusively through me from brands & vendors that I love but you wouldn’t normally have access to. I’m talking furniture & decor that I can’t get enough of but also can’t buy for myself and/or use in a project. 

Albie Knows Decor Discovery Shop Launch

I wanted to make the shopping process as effortless and as intuitive as I could, so you can browse by design style or by room.

By room, is exactly as it sounds — shop for your bedroom to your entryway, or maybe you just need some finishing touches throughout the house.

By style, you’re shopping by your preferred decor style & in case you’re not too sure what that is, you can quickly take the on screen quiz, put in your info, and get your results so you can get back to shopping. 

Albie Knows Decor Discovery Shop Launch

While the shop will launch with 25 items, within certain items you’ll find additional options — additional sizes, color ways, and/or pieces within the collection. 

Albie Knows Decor Discovery Shop Launch

And let’s say you’ve opened 18 tabs of things you loved for your dining room, but realized you might need a few pieces for the living room too; you don’t have to lose your place — right from the product page (or from your cart) you can go back to the main shop page & browse the living room assortment. 

This is something that’s been a long time in the making, and going to High Point was the final missing piece to the puzzle — I got to meet face to face with vendors, see & touch future assortment, and really clarify the shopping experience I wanted to create for you. 

That said, the shop will be getting updated often — let’s say every week for now — so you’ll be able to see what I’m swooning over at any given moment.

More pieces will be added, while some pieces may have to be removed, depending on the availability, so if you see something & you love it, you should probably snag it the first time. 

I’m super excited (so I hope you are too!) because this is something I absolutely love to do — shop! — and it’s something that is really near and dear to me. So many of you have messaged me (on Instagram mostly) about products you see on my feed or on a mood board or in a rendering, and now you get to shop em right alongside me. 

I wanted to create a one stop shop — a destination — for you to get straight to the point with your shopping. Yes, you can still shop my blog posts & my Instagram feed (updates coming soon on that, by the way) but I really wanted this to be the place where you would feel confident that I’ve got your back, and I’ve got you covered. 

And if you’re shopping and loving what you’re seeing but realizing, “Oh snap! I am totally gonna ruin these when they get here because I don’t actually know what I’m doing,” on December 1st I’ll be relaunching my e-design services! Yeah, it’s a pretty big time over here at Albie Knows HQ aka the living room. 

My e-design services, which’ll include one signature service for complete designs & then eight pre-packaged design options, will feature product similar to what’s in the shop; so the new Decor Discovery shop, will also give you a little peak into how I shop for client projects (and window shop for myself). 

While I could’ve kept working on this to make it “perfect” I didn’t want to doddle — if you’re my people, I know you’re gonna wanna start shopping now! But look out, not only for updates on products but updates throughout the shop.

Happy shopping!

Albie Knows