Blush Pink Decor: Tablescaping & Coffee Bar Refresh

Albie Knows Blush Pink Tablescape Refresh

This is no secret: I love shopping at Amazon!

One day, while doing my usual browsing, I went on a bit of a shopping spree inspired by my new accent color obsession: BLUSH PINK!

I decided to update my beverage station, dining room, and living room with simple decor updates.

For me, these are the areas where updating the decor makes the most aesthetic impact in our home, and so I decided to just have at it.

What was most fun about this refresh was really taking advantage of the fact that the decorating isn't limited to actual decor pieces.

In addition to the silver & pink flatware, the real touch faux tulips & frost sugar cookies were another great way to introduce pink into the space, while the hot pink polka dot straws were a great addition to the beverage station.

I wanted to introduce the pink tones in a way that was meaningful without being too overpowering or just plain ol' girly, and I am super happy with this transitional refresh.

Decorating with pink, in any hue, can be a challenge but what' great about blush pink is that it's softness has allowed it to perform well as a neutral. Pairing it with our original palette allowed it to standout without taking over. 

XO Albie Knows