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She Designed A Life She Hated...I Am She

For the past three years, I thought I was designing a life I loved… through my home, my business, my family, and just everything. I had moved across the country with my family, my husband had a great job, I was able to launch a subscription box, I was pursuing my masters, I had shed my “baby weight” by the power of nursing…I mean, life was great…right? The hard truth that I only recently had to come face-to-face with was that I had designed a life I HATED, not loved. I was only “pretending” to be this strong and happy and put-together person. This post is an introduction to, not just new content, but a new me…a real me, not by design, but by transformation. By the grace of God, I have survived a serious case of “growing pains” and while I do not know what lies ahead or what comes next — like at all — I do know that I want to share the entire wild ride with you, unapologetically, and truly loving the space I’m in. 

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Decorating For The First Time: What I'd Do Differently

When we moved out west, it was a lot of firsts for us. First major life change as a new family of three. First move as husband & wife, and as parents. First time being responsible for a home we’d be creating together. That said there’s a lot I know now that I couldn’t have known before because, for us, it was all new territory. As mindful as I thought I was being when it came to furnishing our new home for our new life, there’s quite a bit a didn’t exactly get right. 

So what would I do differently?

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Amazon Prime Day vs. Target Deal Days: Here's What You Need To Know

If you know even a little bit of my shopping habits then you already know two of my favorite go to retailers for all the things are Target and Amazon…and if you don’t know my fav retailers, you can go ahead and download my list of fav retailers here.

I like to think I share equal parts of my heart for Target and Amazon — I am a literal card carrying Target REDcard holder and have been an Amazon Prime member for more years than I can remember. So when I heard the news that Target was coming out with Target Deal Days, I was instantly excited — deeper discounts than their usual deals? SIGN. ME. UP!

These new deal days are in DIRECT competition with Amazon’s Prime Day, also July 15th and 16th.  Well played Target, well played.

While the word “competition” tends to denote something negative, I can’t think of anything better than this! So being the self-appointed shopping connoisseur that I am, I’m gonna simplify this for you so that you can get the most bang for your browsing buck for those two days of deals.

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Wayfair Alternatives: 10 Major Retailers For All Things Home

When it comes to social causes and political matters, I do my best — by choice — to keep that off public radar. I prefer to keep those types of conversations at the dinner table or in my text messages, not on my timeline and certainly not on the blog. But earlier this week, a retailer I’d shopped for years — for myself and for clients — did something some really stopped me dead in my tracks and forced me to reevaluate my relationship with them. 

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How To Hygge For The Holidays?

What Hygge represents runs parallel with what the winter holiday season represents -- warmth, happiness, coziness, and gratitude. So, how do you Hygge for the holidays?

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