Celebrate National Coffee Day With These Steamy Finds

This is one national holiday that I am more than happy to celebrate!

National Coffee Day!

Today is all about celebrating all the wonderfulness that is coffee -- from the taste to the aroma -- and I will be the first to raise my hand & join in the jubilee. I don't pretend to be a coffee connoisseur, especially since my preferred java of choice is Bustelo, through & through; BUT now that I live in Seattle [adjacent], I know that there is something to be said for just an amazing brew. Now you're probably wondering,

"Albie if you're not a coffee expert, aren't you just celebrating Bustelo?

Well, here's the rub... my love of coffee coincides with my entire coffee experience...yes, my morning (or afternoon...or evening) cup of joe is an experience; and what makes that experience complete are the accessories, tools, and decor.

I can say first hand that going to my Keurig mini, which sits under my framed Little Bit of Coffee, Whole Lot of Jesus print, and choosing my mug of the day always gets me on the right side of the day.

Albie Knows National Coffee Day

Think about it -- whether you use a french press, coffee pot, or expresso machine, every step of your coffee process is a small piece of happiness that is leading you up to that first glorious sip. It's no wonder coffee carts & coffee stations are become more &. more popular! 

So here are some of my fav swoon worthy coffee finds to help you elevate your next coffee experience:

XO Albie Knows