Cozy Femme Brooklyn, NY Studio Apartment 3D Design


Client Profile

Balancing a full-time job, school, and a fashion/lifestyle blog, she wears many hats and at the end of the day wanted someplace to hang them all and just "turn down".

Living in a studio apartment, although relatively generous in size, she found it difficult to create, define, and separate spaces for the different areas of her life -- where to relax and where to get work done; not to mention, she was never home long enough to even pull a design together. Any free time she was afforded between working, studying, and blogging, would go to traveling and/or working out.

Design Therapy

  • optimize the studio living space for productivity and relaxation
  • introduce texture and natural elements by way of textiles and accent pieces
  • contrast the pink and gold finishes with rich blue tones for a cozy glam dynamic
  • create an accent wall flanked by textured wallpaper & framed by solid trim for a bold backdrop

Style Profile

Contemporary Glam + Mid Century Modern + Curated Minimal

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XO Albie Knows