Design Plan: Cozy Princess Hideaway


When you search “bedrooms for little girls” on Pinterest, you get a hodgepodge of ideas from inspiration rooms to diy projects, so needless to say I had to think long & hard about exactly what my vision for her room would be. 

My daughter has had all of one request — pink!

She didn’t care what was pink so long as pink was involved. Fair enough! 

First Mood Board Concept

My initial thinking was that I wanted to create something charming & chic, yet still really playful & fun — she’s 3 after all. 

But the more I stared at the initial mood board the more I felt like it was just all wrong!

So I took a step back, let go of all my previous ideas, and asked myself, “if time & money weren’t a factor, how would her room look?

I put together a design that featured a mix of colors & textures that would be soft enough of for a little girl, but also chic & timeless, because the last thing I wanted was to change her room every couple of months.

With a new concept in place, I began to create a more feasible design plan.

After pulling together my new concept, the next thing I asked myself was what I would need to do to make this vision realistically fit our timeline & budget. This meant swapping out some highs for some lows, without sacrificing the overall feel — a cozy hideaway perfect for any princess! 

My initial concept was inspired by the Lulu & Georgia product line — sooooooo many goodies for a growing girl — which gave me the perfect blend of cozy, chic, and casual. 




The palette was entirely inspired by her existing pieces, and everything fit nicely right alongside those colors — 

  • her current bed is yellow so the design had to be able to work with that bed (a toddler bed) and with her new bed once she transitioned to a larger twin or full

  • the rug (that were most likely not changing, barring a sudden influx of cash) features soft blue & beige tones, so a pretty neutral piece that would compliment the cadet grey paint in the walls

  • pink was by request but thankfully there wasn’t a specific shade that she favored (although, if you let her tell it, “real pink” is hot pink)

Having most of my marquee pieces in place and/or in mind, made moving forward & prioritizing a breeze, with the new wallpaper taking the lead in setting the overall tone! 

Wallpapered Room Rendering

Can you say obsessed?!? Def a swoon-worthy touch, cementing the overall vision!  

So now you know the design plan but what exactly do I need to do to make this a reality? 

  1. install the new removable wallpaper, complimenting the existing painted walls, creating a quasi accent wall, and really softening the space up

  2. create different zones throughout the work by strategically placing larger, key pieces — bed, dresser, table, drawing board — while still maintaining a deliberate flow

  3. declutter anything that will now serve my daughter, be it items from when it was previously my office or her items (like old clothes & toys) that she no longer needs/uses, making room for her to truly enjoy her new space

I’ll also be making some additional touches — decorative & styling — but those are the big three! 

I’m so geeked to see her room continue to evolve & develop, especially now that she’ll be starting school soon

*cue the confetti

My baby girl is quite a baby anymore, as she likes to remind me — “I’m not a baby, I’m a big girl” — and so this room is more than just another design project for me. This is a milestone for me as a mother & I’m uber excited! 

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