Easy IKEA Hack & Upcycle: Nesna Nightstand Transformation


About a year ago, we bought this nightstand/side table from IKEA -- the Nesna -- with the sole intention of using it as our outdoor side table. It matched perfectly with the chairs we had on the balcony and it was $15 so it was a no-brainer. 

Albie Knows IKEA Nesna Upcycle

Unfortunately, within the past year, I can count on one hand how many times we cleaned the table *hangs head in shame* or really tended to it at all. It stayed pretty neglected and it was definitely starting to show.

I decided, before even purchasing a replacement table that this table was going to be in desperate need of a facelift, if possible, rather than just throwing it out. With some grey wood stain and frosted contact paper, I was able to transform this table into something that could still be useful in our home. 

Where is it now? In our bathroom of course! 

Since I was already on the hunt for a new bench/stool for the bathroom, I decided this was definitely a more cost-effective option, especially since it fit the space in terms of size & look. 

Once I'm done tackling the bathroom, I cannot wait to turn my attention to the balcony, new table & all! 

Good (and effective) design isn't always about buying the latest & greatest, but instead assessing your needs & taking inventory of what you already have. 

XO Albie Knows