Where Art & Interior Design Come Together: Hannah Lowe Corman Partnership

So can we chat? Because I have some BIG news and it is National Friendship Day. Now if you're on my email list, then you've already heard, but I appreciate you for reading along anyway :)

I remember when I made the decision nearly 3 months ago to take a year off from social media, I was very purposeful in staying in all my Facebook groups because they'd become a like a virtual community of co-workers sprinkled throughout the country, and the world even. Turns out in one such community -- Reina Pomeroy's Heart Centered Biz Bosses -- I'd meet a "co-worker" who not even a year ago was practically a neighbor. Like legit, walking distance from my old NYC apartment. Crazy right?! I got the good fortune of connecting with NYC based artist, Hannah Lowe Corman, and talk about a perfect pairing!

Now y'all already know my feelings on aesthetic & well-being, so I am always looking for ways to bring feelings of happiness & balance alive through my designs for my clients. That's exactly what Hannah's art is all about -- creating art that inspires tranquility & peace -- so meeting her was almost like kismet. 


It's still crazy to me that I had to move clear across the country to connect with Hannah but you know me -- everything happens for a reason, and as it's supposed to. So I can't tell you how excited I am to be partnering with Hannah, to provide you with custom pieces to really bring together your space & design. Together, I know we will definitely be creating design therapy!

So, if you haven't checked out Hannah's site, you should because she just released her Summer 2017 collection and OMG... if you don't find tranquility in her paintings, then we need to talk! P.S. you can use code 'albieknows' to save some coins on a piece from HLC! I'll definitely have a few more updates in the pipeline but I just couldn't wait to share this with you. 

Talk to you soon!

XO Albie