High Point Market Trends I’m Looking Forward To In 2019

Albie Knows High Point Market Trends I’m Looking Forward To In 2019

Going to High Point Market did a lot for my businesses but I made to observe as not only a designer, but as a design enthusiast. I wanted to take in all the inspiration & trends with a curated eye, thinking about how a lot of what I was seeing would eventually start to show up in the marketplace in the new year. 

After finally getting a chance to catch my breath, I’m sharing with you my 2019 forecast, but also how a lot of it is already around us. 


  • Leather

  • Hides

  • Metal

  • Performance Fabric


While none of these were particularly new trends, what caught my eye most was the expansive uses, creating an assortment of ways to introduce texture & materials into a design.

What was most impressive, which I expect will really take hold in 2019, was the way many of the pieces allowed me to rethink that way materials could be used.

Curved Silhouettes

  • Upholstery

  • Lighting 

  • Cased Goods


Throughout the showrooms there was a clear indication that the future is curves! From bulbous light fixtures to kidney shapes settees, the traditional lines we’re used to are taking a back seat to softer curves & silhouettes.


  • Black & White

  • Neutrals

  • Gold tones

  • Blush Hues

  • Denim Blue Hues

Oh the colors honey! If you ever what to see the color wheel at work, go to High Point. What stood out, however, wasn’t the colors themselves, but the use of certain colors, almost re-introducing us to these colors.

Black & white, always a timeless combination, showed up at market in new — from color blocking to geometric patterns — while neutral tones were given new life, in a way that illustrating how much depth can be present even when a lot of color isn’t.

Gold tones dominated as a metal accent, which, I’m personally all for. The different finishes — matte, brushed, polished — all gave a different air of sophistication, proving that gold is not going away any time soon.

Blush & denim hues, while two of my favorites accent colors throughout my home, was a very pleasant surprise. The way they were introduced as almost primary colors versus an accent or a pop was really exciting to see. Clearly my home was ahead of the curve & so you’re welcome.

Livable Luxury 

What is livable luxury?

Beautiful design, exquisite silhouettes, and glamorous finishes, all in materials that were family friendly, outdoor safe, and durable AF. Many of the pieces that were debuted at market, at first glance, you wouldn’t think to use in homes with children or high traffic areas, however, with closer inspection, it was evident that a lot of thought was put into creating pieces that screamed opulence but could still be easily maintained in any home.

No more plastic on the sofa or a sitting room that no one can actually sit in!

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I was like a kid at Christmas in a candy shop on the first day of school — just a ball of excited emotions! — seeing all the new products that were being showcased this past fall High Point. And as pieces start to slowly manifest themselves that include those same trends, I am even more excited to start creating designs & packages that’ll be on par with what’s to come in 2019!

Albie Knows