Home Makeovers: Basement Apartment

This was a complete gut job for the basement level of a single family home. The client wanted to make the best use of the basement & decided on utilizing it as an opportunity for additional income:

I didn’t need an another family area or storage space, so after doing some research I realized the basement had great rental potential.
— Client

With all the plumbing & electrical secured, we were able to create an unfurnished 1 bedroom apartment with kitchenette.

Timeline: 2 weeks
Budget: $17,000
Albie Knows: Space Planning, Color & Finish Consulting, Kitchen & Bathroom Design, Material Selection, Project Management

Even though the space had once been livable, it was long overdue for an upgrade. The overall framework of the space was maintained, but new insulation & dry wall was needed, transformating of this raw space into something livable and great additional income for the home owners. Cha-Ching! 

The homeowener chose not to invest in any cosmetic updates, as this was going to be a rental, allowing potential tenants to do whatever it is they wanted aesthetically. We worked on the barebone finishes, and brought this place back to life. 

XO Albie