Guest Bathroom Renovation

Albie Knows Guest Bathroom Makeover

This was a complete gut job for the main level bathroom of a single family home. And full disclosure, this was one of my very very first renovations!

The client wanted a simple powder room or bathroom for guests to use on the main floor:

I inherited this sh***y bathroom, no pun intended, when I bought the house and didn’t think much of it; but I got tired of having to direct people upstairs to use the bathroom and wonder, ‘what if someone goes into my bedroom?’ Do you follow them upstairs? Do you wait downstairs? Too much pressure. That was my cue to renovate.
— Client

With all the plumbing already in place, we didn’t need to secure any permits from the city (except for the big ol dump truck of course) & were able to secure space for a full bathroom with standing shower, versus just having a guest powder room.  

Timeline: 1 week
Budget: $5,000
Albie Knows: Space Planning, Color & Finish Consulting, Bathroom Design, Material Selection, Product Sourcing & Procurement, Project Management

Albie Knows Guest Bathroom Makeover

The previous owners never used the bathroom so it became an abandoned corner adjacent to the kitchen on the main floor -- talk about PRIME real estate! This was a no brainer, because now, rather than having guests marching up & down the stairs to use his main bath, he could easily point them here. 

Albie Knows Guest Bathroom Makeover

After gutting what was left of the bathroom, it was time to select paint, tiles, flooring, lighting, and fixtures. Knowing that  this was simply to be used by the occassional guest (or when he would be too lazy to go upstairs) we wanted to go with a very clean & neutral design, that would also be easy to corrdinate with the surrounding, more traditional decor of the kitchen.

Albie Knows Guest Bathroom Makeover

The client was very hands on which made choosing finishes fun & easy. After a few trips to local retailers, we pulled together a quick & easy renovation. A once dilapidated shell of a bathroom was not a fully functional & welcoming 3 piece guest bathroom.  

XO Albie