Homeowner Upgrades, Renter Friendly Design: Basement Finish


I can’t believe how many of you were surprised at how much of a home renovation could be recreated for renters! The last installment, in case you missed it, my first renter-friendly version of a home renovation featured a bathroom design by my friend Morgan Molitor of construction2style and her amazing team.

The dramatic, moody design immediately caught my eye because of the uniquely bold style!

With some patient shopping, I was able to help you recreate the design using renter friendly solutions — the black backsplash, rich emerald walls, patterned flooring, the even pops of brass and gold. I don’t believe anyone should be deprived of beautiful bathroom design, renter or not.

So now we’re back with another fabulous reno from Morgan & Jamie, this time featuring a basement project in Delano, MN, where they were able to transform an unfinished basement into a cozy space for the entire family to enjoy — from entertaining to working out.

Click For Original Design From Construction2Style

Click For Original Design From Construction2Style

This project immediately caught my attention because of it’s warm and rustic qualities — the sliding barn doors and wood paneled ceiling were calling my name! But those types of design elements are usually the ones that people believe are only reserved for homeowners.

I’m here to tell you they’re not!

If you recall, during my Fall 2018 One Room Challenge, I was able to create a “shiplap” accent wall in our master bedroom using self-adhesive wood planks. During this project, I partnered with Wallplanks to add texture and warmth to out bedroom in a way that made a big impact while also being totally reversible!

The same can be done to recreate this basement design!





As with every renter-friendly project, depending on the flexibility of your landlord and housing situation, you may be able to explore even more creative options to get the look, but even just a few of these upgrades are a great start in the right direction!

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And voila! Another home reno that you can easily adapt to fit your living lifestyle.

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