How To Hygge For The Holidays?

The design & decor industry tends to always go through waves of trends, be it in design styles or design philosophies -- think Feng Shui or The Kondo System. About a year or so ago, a new trend hit the scene hard here in the U.S., and I specify that because abroad, it wasn't a new concept. 

This new trend was Hygge. Attributed to the Danish, Hygge is finding happiness in the little things and finding moments throughout our day to embrace & create bliss. 

I grew increasingly fascinated with the concept & principles of Hygge, and the deeper I dove, the more I wanted to learn.

What Hygge represents runs parallel with what the winter holiday season represents -- warmth, happiness, coziness, and gratitude. 

Keep Calm And Hygge With Albie Knows

Naturally, I begin to look for ways to incorporate Hygge in my own day to day living, but especially now as I decorate for the holidays...because I'll be honest, this is the first holiday season I've truly thrown myself into the spirit of decorating.

Last year was our first Christmas in Washington and I did some decorating, but we had only been here 3 months, so our priority was getting situated & acclimated to our new normal -- what they considered to be a whole lotta snow would've been just a dusting in NYC.

Christmas 2015 was our first as parents so it was also our first with a tree -- a mini tree since we were back east -- to celebrate as a family. This year would be the first where we're really going all in...well I'm really going all in & my husband is just along for the ride (and the budget check). 

So, how do you Hygge for the holidays?

Cozy Textures

"Warm and fuzzy" feelings, a la Hygge, can absolutely be found in natural textiles and finishes that have texture to them. So think your sheepskins & wood finishes. From decor to furnishings, these are a great way to add those feelings of coziness & warmth year round, but especially around the holidays.

When considering where and how to layer in textures that exude Hygge, don't limit yourself to the obvious choices like throws & rugs. Consider decorative accents that can be also be functional pieces -- like a cozy new robe & matching slippers -- or simply great to look at like some Faux Fur Cone Trees (how cool are they, btw?!).

Cozy Lighting

Yes, lighting can be cozy! By layering your lighting you can create different moods in your space, but you want to consider all sources of light -- natural lighting, candlelight, artificial lighting -- as part of creating a hyggebelysning (hygge-lighting). 

Naturally if you have a lit Christmas tree, you're creating a soft ambient lighting (and bringing in some greenery!) this way; or if you have a fireplace, the crackling & burning of the flames is very Hygge; however there are other seasonal & year round options for a Hygge Christmas (Julehygge). A Pre Lit Twig Tree, which is also a great way to introduce texture; in the same was that some Birch LED Candles provide both the soft lighting & texture, without any of the fuss of actually lighting a candle. #winning. 

While on the topic of candles, they are also a great way to introduce another element of Hygge into your home: 

Soothing Scents

What scents, once you experience them, immediately take you to a happy place -- the aroma of fresh baked cookies? Maybe is the relaxing scent of lavendar. Whatever it is, introduce scents into your space with scented candles , as well as with essential oils and/or a diffuser

Play with your scents & swap out your year round ones for ones that really embody the holiday season.


I've made no secret of it -- plants & flowers are just a great way to add life to any space & bring the outdoors in -- very Hygge! However, whether you have a Christmas tree or not, you can absolutely do this with a few other options, such as your everyday tabletop plant or your seasonal wreath. 


This one is probably my favorite because it is really all about you! What can you do in your day to day, minute to minute living to have more Hygge?

Set time aside for a nice mug of hot cocoa or creating a gratitude journal (all things we do in the 30 Days of Hygge, btw). Think about the last time you tried a new recipe with the family. Hygge living is all about embracing the simple pleasure to create a happier lifestyle, so this means looking inside of your existing habits to see where you can infuse more Hygge. 

Other Holiday Hygge "Hacks"

  • Swap out the libations on your year round bar cart for a hot chocolate bar fully stocked with all kinds of soothing holiday goodies like peppermint bits, white chocolate chips, and cinnamon sticks... and of course you can keep the Bailey's

  • Have a basket of faux fur slippers or booties ready to go by the door for guests, so that they can trade in their shoes for something comfier (and cleaner)... #justsaying

  • Like most retailers who've already started playing their holiday playlist, create your own to keep on rotation, featuring your favorite holiday tracks or just soothing tunes to get you in a hyggelig mood.

How do you plan on incorporating Hygge this holiday season?

A great first start is to join the 30 Days of Hygge Challenge... 

Each day will be a new prompt to find new ways to have a bit more Hygge in your days -- more gratitude, more peace, and more happiness, because who are we kidding -- this can be a VERY crazy time of year! 

You'll get a new email of from me -- 30 Days of Albie... #amiright!? -- guiding you on how you can really expound on the day's prompt. 

Invite friends & family to Hygge out with you, and for every day of the challenge you do, tag me on Instagram & Facebook so we can Hygge together!


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