How We're Beginning Our 3 Room Transformation


I told you all the decisions and thought process leading up to our choice to give our daughter her own room. And while I also slightly touched is on what this meant, design-wise, I didn’t really get into the specifics of what a room swap could really unfold into. 

And boy did it unfold. 

The one-room transition is actually a 3 room transition

  • turning a home office into a toddler bedroom

  • reclaiming a shared bedroom as a master bedroom sanctuary

  • creating a workspace that doesn’t disrupt the living/dining space

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I design other people’s homes for a living and yet when it comes to doing my own it’s always a mix of excitement & overwhelm.

So many ideas.

So many plans.

Where to even begin?

Will the execution be as I imagined? 

So what’s on the docket? 

Well, while there’s a lot I know I wanted to do, I also know I had to be realistic about our budget & timeline. The first thing we did was assess what we had & how it would serve us if it still could.



1 of my 2 office desks would go in storage while the other would go in the living room
• the sideboard from my office that housed all my supplies and paperwork, would go in the living room, replacing the bar console
• the bar console aka my old desk would now be living in our bedroom as a vanity table
• the armchairs that flanked the bar console would be split up — 1 in her room & 1 in the living room — or they can stay both stay in the living room
• the settee from the office is still up in the air because while it can technically stay in her room, I haven’t decided how I feel about it in the design

After moving everything around, I have to admit this has turned into a major undertaking. Her room, while not done aesthetically, already has all the makings of a toddler bedroom and so it’s just about bringing in the design & stylings. 

Our room, on the other hand, hasn’t been the same since we started!

A lot of things from the office closet & my desk are now just displaced, not to mention my makeup — the 2nd desk served as my makeup station in my office since the lighting was better. I didn’t want to leave any of these things lying around in my daughter’s room for fear of her getting into things.

There’s still things to clear out of the top of the closet but nothing urgent, and we still have to take down the television — she’s independent but she certainly doesn’t need her own TV! 

Then there are the living & dining rooms.

Nothing’s refined but nothing’s too shaken up either, so also at the bottom of my priority list. Just some quick razzle-dazzle styling will set it straight. 

My thinking is once I complete our daughter’s room, I can step back & breathe to tackle our room and then everything else. While I’ve already begun shopping — duh! — I've also paced myself to get things in order a little at a time. 

Can’t wait to start sharing what we’ve bought and what the next piece of the transformation is!

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