I Kinda Have This Thing For Target's New Project 62 Collection

Who loves shopping at Target?

*raises hand*

If you didn't raise your hand, by the way, you're probably gonna wanna read another blog post because right here, right now, we're talking ALL ABOUT TARGET. But not JUST Target. 


This fall, Target decided to take a new approach to their home assortment -- being more intentional & curated -- and so when I saw the announcement of this new collection, my curiouslty was peaked. I like to shop Target for my own home & also for design projects because of the affordability & accessability, and over time I did start to notice a shift in the way they were showing up in the interior design space -- more designer collaborations, wider style assortments, and just a slew of new offerings constantly being churned out. 

Needless to say, this hasn't boded well for my shopping habits.

So now let's talk about this new Project 62 collection...

Modern pieces made for everyday living.
— Target

Project 62 features a breadth of furnishings, decor, and textiles that have a modern style, but not overly so... it's like glam meets mid century meets minimal meets boho, and I'm here for all of it.

Golds. Woods. Textures. Blues. All the things I love!

I've been shopping this new collection A LOT (like more so than my usual Target shopping) since the launch & I am absolutely OBSESSED!!

So grab your wallet because I'm dropping my absolutely must have swoon worthy top 40 pieces from Project 62:

XO Albie Knows