I Am So Proud of my New Design Intensive!

A few weeks ago, I had finally gotten up the nerve to launch my first interior design quiz. Fast forward and I'm now sharing with you the official launch of my Define Your Design Intensive, where you'll learn how to budget, shop, and actually start to create a design. It's a completely free intensive/workshop/course/whatever you want to call it... and I am super excited that I finally put on my big girl boots and made this happen!

Albie Knows Define Your Design Intensive

So what's the story with all this? Here we go...

I wanted a fun way to help people start to literally define their design style, especially potential clients. So often people would come into a project, whether it was with me or not, with a head full of HGTV & Pinterest buzzwords, but with no real clear idea of where to start or what they even really want. Even if they had a very VERY general idea, it hadn't been refined or formulated in a way that could even begin to translate into an actual design. Now in a perfect world, said person would just hire your girl & all would be right with the world, but what about the person who wanted to do it themselves or the person that just wasn't quite ready to fully commit to a designer? I still wanted to help (and teach) them, so they could at least get started in the same way I would. Everyone deserves a fighting chance at good design!

So I put the quiz out there into the universe to get people started but I knew it wasn't enough. I finally decided that an idea I'd been brewing in my brain for way too long needed to just come to life. If it was great, great. If it wasn't, that was okay too, because I knew that no matter what, it would be able to help someone ease the overwhelm of interior design.

Let's be honest, not everyone even thinks interior design is something that's even accessible to them (but that's another post for another day). That misconception has led them to believe they have to bootstrap (and struggle) their way through designing & decorating their space. Add to that, if you're raising a family & a business, you've more than likely just resolved to live with your space as is because you don't have the time, patience, and/or budget to bring your dreamscape to life... well let's just say, I needed to dispell all this tomfoolery. 

I decided to launch a beta email intensive that was, initially, an extension of the quiz; it's one thing to know what your design style is, but that really means bupkiss if you don't know what to actually to do with that info. And I I also had people who were taking the quiz, not because they didn't know their style, but because they wanted to validate that what they thought was their style, was actually their style. But then what? How much does this cost, since some style are inherently expensive while others are the complete opposite?  Where does your design style land on that spectrum? Where do you shop, especially when some retailers are more specialized than others? Would brick & mortar suit your needs or could you shop online? What would it even look like if you were to take your style profile & actually put a design together, mixing up your styles? So many questions to answer.

Albie Knows Define Your Design Intensive

Define Your Design was essentially a series of emails that would go out over the course of a week, giving informaiton on how (and why) to budget when designing; how to strategize your shopping, including what retailers would fit certains styles & budgets; and how to pull it all together aesthetically. Now I say "Define Your Design was..." because after starting to get ffeedback from people in the beta, I realized...

  1. people don't necessarily "learn" very well via email
  2. I ran a high risk of ending up in someone's spam or promotions folder, and
  3. it wasn't as structued as me & my OCD would like

It looked good & was planned out very precisely, but again, it's all happening via email. So I decided to take a HUGE leap of faith & offiially launch Define Your Design as an online course. YOWSER! It is no longer an extension of the style quiz, but instead, it is all inclusive.

But why?

Answer: why not?

When you enroll, after an oh so very brief introduction, you jump right into the quiz! You get your style profile and go straight into the intensive, which is broken down into 3 easy to digest modules. I don't like to confuse or complicate things, and so I wanted this to be as sraightforward & simple as possible. Pick up where you left off, without tripping over or combing through emails. Included in the course is also tons of downloable content -- guides, worksheets, design boards... like I said, TONS!


This is something I certainly hope to build on one day, because even though by NO STRETCH of the imagination am I a teacher, I absolutely love to share what I know & what I'm passionate about. So I hope you'll check it out because, P.S., it's free! And I'll catch you next time :)

XO Albie