Kitchen Accessories Shopping Guide: All White Everything


The all white kitchen trend is one that every season people wonder if it’s over. But here’s the thing — there is more than one way to achieve an “all white kitchen” look. If the trend of all white everything is one that you’re holding on to with both hands and/or have secretly been coveting for your own home, you can totes get your wish without doing a complete overhaul of your cabinets and counters.

For this installment of my kitchen color guide series we’re tackling the ever so popular (or hated) white on white!

Decorating with white is something that many people tend to avoid for fear of things getting dirty — understandable. But truth is all colors get dirty so rather than limit yourself, your prepare accordingly. That said, before I dive into this all white kitchen shopping guide, I’m gonna remind you all about Grove Collaborative.

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Okay now let’s get to the business at hand — your all white styled kitchen.

I’ve seen many debates — in person and online — around when the all white design trend will die out…if at all. While some people find it to be a trend that is timeless because white can be layered with any style, others find it to be overdone and excessive.

Personally, I’m smack in the middle on the debate — it has been overdone, for sure, but when done correctly and with personal touches, all white kitchens can be truly beautiful.

I know that for many of us, even if we wanted to achieve this look, we can’t.

But as I’ve said before, where you cannot renovate, you refresh!

I’ve pulled together 20 of my fav white accessory finds to lighten and brighten up your kitchen.






As with my previous kitchen accessory color guidescopper, blush pink, and hues of blue — I collected items I am already familiar with, that are timeless, and/or that I know will fit just about any lifestyle. I’d love to know which of these accessories you could see yourself getting for your kitchen! Which do you already own?

Happy Shopping!

Albie Knows