Kitchen Accessories Shopping Guide: Blush Pink!

Woot Woot! We're back with another installation of the kitchen color series! And I figured what better color to do in October than BLUSH PINK!

Albie Knows Blush Pink Kitchen Accessories Shopping Guide

This year blush pink has definitely become a growing trend in fashion & home decor, serving almost as neutral and getting paired with lots of metal tones and/or dark dramatic hues.

I am living for all of it, and this is coming from someone who does not like pink... at all! But despite, it's growing popularity, it's definitely one of those colors that are a challenge in the kitchen -- how do you do it without dredging up old school kitchen nostalgia? Needless to say, pulling this list together was not easy, however, it also wasn't as hard as I anticipated. 

I do not advise anyone to use anymore than a handful of these at a time or you will feel like you've walked into a retro 50s kitchen... unless that's your thing, and in that case, Happy Shopping!

XO Albie Knows