Kitchen Accessories Shopping Guide: Copper!

By now you already know my feelings on color in the kitchen! I'm here for all the POP and WOW you can introduce into the place you're making meals & entertaining guests. Gone are the days of tacky wallpaper and wall mounted corded phones.

Instead, kitchen decor has become as prevalent in home design as all your other spaces. 

So after telling you that pops of color are one of the sexy ways to turn up your kitchen, I decided to take it a step further and do a full on color series! 

"Albie, say what?"

Let's say you take my advice, and realize that the areas you have surrounding the kitchen feature a pop of yellow and that's going to be the color you thread throughout. You've picked your color but now you have NO IDEA what to buy in yellow. I'll be putting together kitchen accessory color guides to help you along the way while shopping. 

I decided to kick off the series with a color/tone that's become all the rave recently: COPPER!

Albie Knows Copper Kitchen Accessories Shopping Guide

Copper (really metallic tones) have become increasingly popular in design and is one of the easier ways to really jazz up your decor; however, done incorrectly, you can go all the way wrong!

I've put together 20 of my favorite copper kitchen finds for your shopping pleasure.

You're welcome!

When pulling this list together, believe it or not, curating it down to 20 was NOT easy. There's been a surge in copper kitchen accessories on the market -- copper toned and copper plated -- that it can be difficult sifting through and decide what's worth spending on and what's not.

I decided to go with items I was either already familiar with, items that were timeless, and/or items that I knew would work with any lifestyle.

Whether you're a seasoned cook or just a novice messing around in your kitchen, there's something here for you.

Whether you're renting an apartment or you own a townhouse, this list includes items that can work for your setup.

We sometimes forget that everything from storage to appliances to flatware can be part of our overall decor. And this list touches on a little bit of all areas of the kitchen. 

Happy Shopping!

XO Albie Knows