Kitchen Accessories Shopping Guide: Hues of Blue!


Albie Knows Kitchen Accessories Blue Tones 2.gif

Woot Woot!

We're back with another installation of the kitchen color series! And I figured what better color to do during the winter than the cool hues of blue, and I have blue on the brain since I am in the throws of helping a client decide between a green or a blue kitchen — p.s. the only thing worse than an indecisive client is an indecisive designer!

If you read my High Point Market trends forecast from Fall 2018 market, then you know that one of the color families that was very prevalent at market was denim blue hues.

With blue being one of my favorite colors — personal and to design with — I decided to kick off the 2018 color series with this beauty!


But here’s the thing — there are SO MANY hues of blue, I just couldn’t decide, and so I browsed em all for ya!

We’ve got some navy, some royal, some aqua…a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

So if you’ve been looking for a way to turn up the style in your kitchen with color but a renovation isn’t an option right now, then you’re definitely going to want to bring in some of these goodies, perfect for keeping your kitchen cool and chic!


This round-up is also a testament to why I love Amazon & my Prime Membership — I was able to find EVERYTHING right on the Amazon shop!

Happy Shopping!

Albie Knows