Kitchen Accessories Shopping Guide: Red


If you’ve been keeping up with my kitchen color series, then you know the two most recent shopping guides were hues of blue and all white everything. With Memorial Day just passing and 4th of July on the way, it just made perfect sense (to me at least) to close out the American flag trifecta of kitchen decor.

So here we are folks — a red kitchen accessories shopping guide!

Red is a color I see in kitchens often but sparingly — like it’s never really a highlight; instead someone just happened to have a red pot set or casserole dish. While a quick browse of the trends from the 2019 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show will tell you that this may change soon (hint: colors like red were everywhere when it came to cabinets, appliances, and tile work) in the meantime, you know I will always share with you other effortless ways you can up your color game in the kitchen.

Let’s start shopping…

Is red a color you could see yourself making a star in your kitchen?

For 3 years, we had a red cookware set from Cook n Home and loved how it added just a pop of something to the kitchen; and really to the whole main living area when on the stove since I’ve always had open kitchens — and red had never been in our color palette, but it’s always worked as a nice surprise. Around the holiday season it made everything feel especially festive without even trying! Which of these red accessories would you get? Which do you already have? I’d love to know!

Happy Shopping!

Albie Knows
Kitchen Accessories Shopping Guide: Red