Cozy Chic Beauty Room 3D Design

Albie Knows Mood Board Monday: Cozy Chic Beauty Room

I have to admit I wasn't aware how BIG YouTube had gotten in terms of it being some people's entire livelihood and primary (or only) source of income. Talk about being tardy for the party. I knew that people did tutorials or comedy sketches or whatever else, but to the extent that someone would be considered a "guru" or an "expert" on whatever topic via YouTube, and have this now be their career was both mind boggling & impressive to me.

I'm new to YouTube, as a user & creator. I have a consistent set of channels that I watch, and have just now, maybe a few months ago, gotten into actually subscribing to a channel -- I know, I know, don't judge me! In any case, I would be lying if I'd say I hadn't noticed that one of the fastest growing communities...

Are we calling them communities? I don't know. But moving along...

One of the fastest growing "communities" on YouTube is lifestyle, specifically beauty -- makeup & hair tutorials, product reviews, "get ready with me" videos, and so much more that I can't even begin to understand because I don't wear makeup. *insert shrug here*

There are YouTube "beauty gurus" have built brands from sharing their wealth of makeup knowledge and although that isn't my particular jam, I am here for ALL OF IT. So when this next client reached out to me to create their beauty room, to help grow their brand, I'm not ashamed to say I squealed with excitement.

I want to be feel more legit when I’m beating my face and I want to be able to say I have a real beauty room like the beauty gurus.
— Client

Challenge. Accepted. I was more than happy to help this young lady create her own swoon worthy, budget friendly beauty room. And if one day she blew up to be the next big YouTube beauty sensation, I could say I had a part in helping her design her life.

Albie Knows Mood Board Monday: Cozy Chic Beauty Room

After 2 years of living with a roommate, she was now blessed to have this spare bedroom that she could transform into her beauty room -- no more makeup in the bathroom or on her side table. She could have somewhere to work her beauty magic and organize her massive collection of makeup;  this could also be a place she could do make up for friends and/or film for YouTube, creating a real separation of where she would relax (her bedroom) and where she would "work" (her beauty room).

She didn't have a specific color palette in mind; instead she just knew she wanted it to feel grown-up and classy, but not so stuffy that it feels cold. To kick off this "cozy chic" space, I decided on a very cool and serene palette of blue, white, and grey, with some complementary warm accents.

Albie Knows Cozy Chic Beauty Room: Nordli 12 Drawer Chest

In addition to getting the right colors for this space, storage was also a very big deal. Very early on I knew IKEA was going to be the go to for storage solutions, because (in most cases) it's as close as you can get to custom storage without breaking the bank. The closet already had a pretty dope storage system where she'd store all things hair and large accessories, so it was really about drawer storage, and my favorite drawer collection at IKEA is the Nordli series. It's a modular system so you could mix & match and "build" the perfect unit to fit your space, and its simple & clean design fits most modern aesthetics and/or makes it easy to hack & customize.

We went with the 12 drawer unit and used expandable drawer organizers in the top 8 drawers to organize brushes and palettes and all those things. Although we had storage in the closet and with the chest, it was still important to make sure that she could access her everyday beauty items. I don't know much about much but I can imagine there are a couple dozen go to items, such as concealer and foundation, that should just be on hand at all times. With that, a storage vanity was a must; and preferably one with a built in mirror so that we wouldn't have to spend money (or space) on a separate vanity mirror. Lastly in the storage department, floating shelves (also from IKEA) would store decorative bins and accents.

Using light and bright colors in a small space allowed it to feel open & spacious while taking advantage of the vertical space kept things from feeling cluttered. The window wall would be the accent wall and framing the windows would be gray roman shades to really make them pop amongst the beige backdrop.

Another large component of the design was the closet. Although it already contained an amazing system, the bi fold doors on the closet made this tiny space feel even more confined. Even though this is a rental, as I mentioned when I was talking about kitchen cabinets, we were able to make a huge impact by removing the doors & stashing them away for when she has to turn over the apartment. Glass "barn doors" were installed, completely transforming the room.


The "final touches" to this space were the furnishings -- statement seating that would be both gorgeous & comfortable, accent seating & storage for additional pops of color, and an awesome, cozy sheepskin rug anchoring the space. Lastly, I plugged in accents, primarily for the shelves, completing the design.

Albie Knows Cozy Chic Beauty Room

When I went into this design, I was of the mindset that I am putting together a beauty room; however, by the end of it I realized I had just put together a home office, for someone who's in the beauty industry.

"Beauty" is what she does and this is where she would be doing that, day in & day out, just like any other businesswoman or entrepreneur who works from home. Putting on makeup and/or filming beauty videos were key parts of the functionality that I needed to address, but, first and foremost it was about giving her a space where she could focus on what she loved without distraction, yet full of inspiration.

f you had a spare room to do whatever with, how would you use it? Would you dedicate it to your business, to a fun space for your family, or something else, something completely out of the box. I'd love to here about it!

Now shop this look & create your own beauty room!

XO Albie