New Hygge Decor For Easy Year Round Coziness

Albie Knows New Hygge Decor For Easy Year Round Coziness

If you don’t know much about me, know that I am very passionate about adopting a more Hygge-esque lifestyle with little tweaks in my habits. But as a designer, I’d be remiss to not acknowledge that I also have a very Hygge inspired aesthetic. 

While Hygge is certainly more synonymous with the winter season, it is certainly possible to carry the “look” year-round. 

If I had to categorize the type of furnishings I gravitate to I’d say it’s Hygge chic with hints of glam.  

As we’ve been in the midst of updating a few spaces in the house, I’ve been doing a bit of shopping, so here are five recent Hygge inspired finds that I am living for: 



LED Warm White Twinkle Star Fairy Lights w/Remote Control

Yes, lighting can be cozy!

By layering your lighting you can create different moods in your space, so I always consider all sources of light as part of creating a hyggebelysning (hygge-lighting).

Everything about fairy lights are Hygge — the soft warmth of the lighting is perfect for creating a cozy ambiance & so I’m positively obsessed with these. 

The hang in my daughter’s room above her canopy so that (by request) she can see the stars when she goes to sleep.  

Woven Rope Storage Basket with Leather Handles in Off-White

"Warm and fuzzy" feelings, a la Hygge, can absolutely be found in natural textiles and finishes that have texture to them.

I am always on the look out for stylish storage solutions, so that while it's meeting my practical needs, it still adds a touch of style & a touch of Hygge to the space; so while looking for small storage for our master bedroom, these were the perfect find!

The cotton rope fabric is not only sturdy enough to hold up to our storage needs, but it also adds a nice cozy textural element, especially with the leather handles which (fun fact) are eco- and vegan-friendly polyurethane leather handles

Grey & Blush Boho Textured Diamond Pillow

Elements of Hygge decor are also very much part of my plan for our daughter's bedroom and this stunning pillow was a must buy!

With its soft tones of white, pink, and grey, and fringed geometric pattern, it adds so much cozy, chic charm. 

The aesthetic not only perfectly suited the overall feel of her room, but this is a pillow that in any space in our home, would add a pop of Hygge. 

Ethereal Botanist Removable Wallpaper

I've made no secret of it -- plants & flowers are just a great way to add life to any space & bring the outdoors in -- very Hygge!

This wallpaper immediately makes me think of a soft & blissful space to just relax; it makes me think Hygge! 

The floral pattern is bold enough to make a statement, yet muted enough to bring a sense of calm to the space, which is perfect for our daughter's room; although I'll admit, I'm low key wanting one for our own bedroom after seeing it installed (reveal coming soon, by the way!). 

Did I mention it's removable? #winning

Twill Core Sheet Set

Inspired by the spirit of Hygge, I knew that Brooklinen's Twill Collection was something I, NEEDED... in my home! According to their look book:

it will transport dreamers to their own cozy cabin in the woods.

A limited edition collection, I snagged a set as soon as it was available, and OMG, is there a noticeable difference!

I understand what people mean when they say something is what dreams are made of because this is what dreams are made of. Because of the the textile used & the way it's woven, it has a super-soft, fuzzy feeling that makes you immediately feel safe & cozy. 




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