New Year's Resolutions For Your Home


Happy 2018!

With a new year always comes new year's resolutions -- all those personal things we want to accomplish over the next 365 days. But did you know that your home affects how you show up in the world? Think about it -- this is the place you eat, sleep, live...naturally how it looks & feels will carry over into how you look & feel. 

This is why I've decided to come up with 7 easy resolutions (translation: resolutions that you can actually keep) for your home, to not only help you love your space but also design your life for 2018. 

Drop The Weight

Start off the year with a clean slate by planning your space & thinking about  how you want it to make you feel. This'll help you de-clutter & rid yourself of anything that doesn’t fit this plan, also eliminating any undue stress and anxiety in the new year. 

Get Out & Get Inspired

The outdoors are a great way your spirit & your space. The fresh air and sunshine will get you inspired & if you don't have an outdoor space, choose pieces for your home that feel like an extension of the outdoors. Tip: succulents and aloes are great low maintenance plants for the home! 

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone 

Neutral colors may be safe but they're also boring. Make a statement! Pops of color, be it on your walls or in your accessories, can be just the breath of life your space needs. So whether you go bold with accent walls & large pieces, or take a more subtle approach with decorative accents, decide on the feel & personality you want from each room, then find a color scheme to match. 

Go For More Than Gold

Frames, lighting, pillows, paints, and other decorative pieces are great ways to introduce metal hues like rose gold and brushed nickel into your home. This could be just the aesthetic edge you need!  

Make Time For Quality Time

You should feel good about having family and friends over, so create a space perfect for entertaining with furnishings that are inviting, functional, and conversation starters. 

Be Selfish

There. I said it. There's nothing wrong with carving out a little time and space that's just for you. Home office. Reading nook. Quiet room. Whatever it is that you need, define that space. Using paints, rugs, and furniture, you can easily designate areas. 

Ask For Help & Get What You Deserve

Chances are you have at least one room that could use a professional touch – and that's ok!We seek professional guidance for everything from finances to skin care, so why not our home? Upgrade your space with any one of my shopping guides or browse my curated shop for finishing touches. Because Albie Knows!

XO Albie Knows