One Room Challenge Week 1: Master Bedroom Hygge Refresh


Welcome to the Fall One Room Challenge! 

This past May, I participated in the One Room Challenge for the first time  & it was a great opportunity to show our condo balcony some love — transforming it from an unused storage overflow area to a Hygge inspired outdoor space where we enjoyed the entire spring & summer season!

ORC Guest

Now it’s time for another One Room Challenge & I’m excited to be participating again, this time with our master bedroom. As you may know, when we decided to give our daughter her own room, it meant that for the first time since starting our family we would have our own bedroom — just my husband and I. 

*cue the confetti

While the master bedroom was always at the very bottom of my decorating priority list in our condo — not completely neglected, just not a priority — this seemed like a great opportunity to finally create a master bedroom that could be a peaceful place to begin & end the day. 

The bedroom was already painted when we moved in, and even though it wasn’t a color I chose, we decided to live with it because repainting the room would just be a lot. 

We brought in our furniture and worked with the current layout, which meant the bed had to face the door. 

Optimal placement for a bed is on the opposite wall of the door but not in line with the door — aka the “death placement”. Between that and the pointed edges on our nightstand, our Feng Shui is pretty jacked! 

But that doesn’t mean that our room can’t still be functional, relaxing, and cozy, aka all the makings of what I’ll doing for the One Room Challenge. 


The overall goal is to create a space that just screams rest & coziness, with of hint of glam. 

We have window treatments (although it might be time for some new hardware) as well as a bed, nightstand, rug, vanity, and seating — all that we plan to keep. 

Not too long ago we upgraded our mattress to start the transformation — a good looking bedroom means nothing if we’re waking up sore & tired from a mattress that isn’t right for us.

Because it’s the bedroom, I don’t plan to adorn it in the same way that I tackle other spaces, but the key changes that I plan to make are: 

  • create an accent wall that’ll offset the color on the other walls, for an aesthetic that’s more in alignment with ours & to lighten up the space

  • introduce new lighting for more layered, cozy lighting & to also give us more lighting options

  • maximize of storage with more stylist storage solutions, especially in the vanity area so that it is both a functional & visually pleasing area 

Everything else, I’ll just be winging it — in terms of styling — because I know that those 3 pieces will make the biggest impact. 

One Room Challenge - Albie Knows Hygge Master Bedroom

The last major change I made in the bedroom was spring cleaning — that’s when we changed the rug — and so this is gonna be so much fun and I can’t wait to take y’all along. 

Albie Knows