One Room Challenge Week 2: Master Bedroom Refresh Design Plan

This post is in partnership with Wall Planks, but all the opinions & experiences are my own.
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This is probably one of the few times I’m excited to not be shopping because our master bedroom transformation is less about the furnishings & decor, as much as it is about the surrounding elements — walls, lighting, storage. 

Having already most of the marquee pieces — bed, rug, seating, window treatments, and nightstand, I wanted to be sure to work with them. 

After moving our daughter into my home office, a few other items were displaced — my office sideboard replaced the bar console in the dining room & the bookshelf now needed a new home as well. Both the console & bookshelf — coincidentally both from IKEA’s Vittsjo series — found their new home in our bedroom. 

One Room Challenge - Albie Knows Hygge Master Bedroom - Space Plan

All these pieces, from a space planning stance, fit just right, because early on we made the decision to place our dressers in the closet. Not having those 2 large pieces out in the open did wonders for opening up the bedroom flow — thank God for deep closets! 

A settee like the one in our daughter’s room is also in our bedroom and my husband is pretty attached to having it in the bedroom so that may be a wild card factor in the design. 

Beside the bed we have one 2 drawer nightstand, which has served us well for housing our devices, table lamp, drinks, and whatever else lands there at the end of the day. 

Swapping our table lamp for a pair of wall sconces frees up a lot of space on the nightstand for more efficient use, while also giving up lighting on both sides of the bed. 

One Room Challenge - Albie Knows Hygge Master Bedroom - Swatch Plan

The rich walnut veneer of our nightstand complimented our grey upholstered bed (and the walnut legs of the bed) but the walls, oh the walls! To replace the deep lavender (?) color I considered wallpaper or repainting but quickly veto’d both ideas. I was introduced to self adhesive wood planks & in doing my research realized this was exactly what I needed! 

I partnered with the amazing team over at From the Forest, the parent company of Wallplanks, chose my planks and knew this was exactly what the room needed to feel cozier, brighter, and more like us. 

It came down to choosing between 2 of their white planks & I am high key obsessed with the one I chose because of the visible yet subtle wood grain versus a flat white finish or a completely rustic look (not shown) which isn’t us at all. 

After choosing our perfect planks, with the help of Wallplanks &. My husband, I got together everything I needed to complete the installation: 

One Room Challenge | Albie Knows Hygge Master Bedroom
  • Surface Assure: a lightweight removable wallpaper to serve as a protection barrier between the plank adhesive & the wall — as a renter I want to do a little damage to the walls as possible & this ensures that

  • J-Roller: enables us to apply pressure evenly to the planks for maximum Vaccubond-adhesion

  • Wood Wall Covering Cleaner: an environmentally friendly cleaner designed to keep our walls beautiful long after installation

  • Laser Level: in the off chance our walls were slanted, this would ensure a straight application of the planks

  • Jigsaw: for the planks that would need cutting, because this is inevitable, now we cut have straight, clean cuts

This time next week I’ll have a brand new accent wall in place and considering it’s the largest part of the bedroom transformation, I’ll be walking you through the installation.   

Bonus: I’ll also be using some of the planks for an awesome floating shelf DIY to introduce vertical storage above the vanity!

As a huge fan of renter-friendly wall solutions, doing this accent wall with Wallplanks has been one of the major highlights of this project — and trust me, I have quite a few more renter-friendly decor solutions up my sleeve! But here’s the thing — peel & stick wood planks aren’t just for renters.

Maybe you’re a home owner who doesn’t want to commit or doesn’t want to deal with more labor-intensive wood wall options! It’s permanent enough for your home but temporary enough for your rental.

If this is something that’s been on your short list of home updates, head over to the Wallplanks site & order a few sample panels, or take the plunge & order your planks. With code #ALBIEKNOWS20 you’ll get 20% off of your order. You’re welcome!

One Room Challenge - Albie Knows Hygge Master Bedroom - Rendering Plan

Once the wall is complete, I can start focusing on lighting & styling, especially since the accent wall will be the largest wall in the room. 

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