Outdoor Entertaining Essentials


Time to get your house summertime fine!

But what does that even mean??

The official start of summer is a few short weeks away, but here in the Pacific North West we’re already seeing the beginnings of some beautiful warmer months — the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are singing… I wish I was exaggerating but I live in the suburbs, which is a very welcome change from the summers of New York City. But whether you’re in the concrete jungle or in the burbs like me, you’re probably starting to see the weather break as well which means more time outside!

In the shop are some new outdoor additions — from seating collections to colorful rugs — but now we need to talk about creating an outdoor experience. Last spring for the One Room Challenge I gave our little condo balcony a much needed refresh. What had become a bit of a storage overflow finally felt connected to the rest of our home, as a an out Hygge retreat. Nothing to crazy — it is a small balcony — but just a few essentials that made a huge difference in improving the feel and function.

In The Shop…

So what goes into creating a functional and stylish outdoor space for entertaining?

I don’t care if you have an average balcony like me, a teeny tiny patio, or an acre of lawn to play with. There are a few key pieces that will totes improve your outdoor activities in the warmer months, especially when it comes to entertaining. This doesn’t mean everyday you’ll have guests coming over for parties, but whether you’re hosting the next big family barbecue or simply taking in the sun in the middle of the week, you want to make sure you’re prepared.

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All The Shade With A Side of Iced Tea

Textiles & Textures Made For The Outdoors

Be Our Guest...Please, Be Our Guest

Let There Be Light... Lots of Light

Cooking Up Something Good

Accessorize, Style, Repeat

When we think “summertime fine” we tend to our wardrobes and I find that so often people leave their home summer needs for the 11th hour aka July 3rd, when everything is gone! You’re definitely going to want to go ahead and grab your outdoor entertaining essentials now, especially during loads of summer sales happening right now!

And if you’re like me and shopping online, be sure to take advantage of using Ebates, now Rakuten, to earn some cash back!

Happy Shopping!

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