Outdoor Hygge Balcony Makeover: One Room Challenge Wrap Up & Reveal


So let's address the elephant in the room...

What happened to weeks 4 & 5?

Great question and here's my answer...

I don't know! 

This proved to be MUCH harder than I thought, and less about getting the work done but more about staying on top of it content-wise. 

After week 3, it was really just about starting to place the things I'd already purchased so for week 4, while I planned to do an official shopping haul -- recorded & everything -- it just wasn't in the stars. And well, week 5 is just one big blur, although I did upload a new tablescape inspired by my balcony makeover.

Now here we are at the BIG REVEAL. 

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Let's take a trip down memory lane...

While not the WORST outdoor area, it was long overdue for some t.l.c. especially after what they tell me was an abnormally cold winter where we are -- it snowed, and apparently that NEVER happens. With that, we neglected the balcony for WAY too long & it showed!

I had a vision for this balcony, cognizant of the fact that it's a condo AND it's a rental -- rules everywhere! So really carrying out my vision just meant lots of shopping & styling...

Yes Please!

For me this wasn't just about making the balcony pretty -- I mean, DUH, I want it pretty -- but it was about creating this indoor/outdoor living space for my family.

We all LOVE being outside -- walks, hikes, you name it -- but time isn't always in our favor when it comes to making those things happen. My daughter, especially, just LIGHTS up when she's outside (I walked my ENTIRE pregnancy so that may or may not have something to do with it) so living in a community where being outside was inviting, I really wanted to create an at home yet outdoor experience for her. 

That meant clearing out the clutter and creating a space where she could literally run around in her socks and feel like it wasn't off limits to her -- not that that would've stopped her anyway, but I digress. 

Now what about this indoor/outdoor Hygee living?

Inside, I put a lot of effort into creating a Hygge-inspired space -- cozy textures, inviting scents, layered lighting, elements of greenery...the whole kit & caboodle! I wanted this to translate in our outdoor space as well ESPECIALLY since it is literally right off the living room.

It was important to me the inside reflected outside & vice versa, so during the design phase, while putting together my renderings, I made sure I could really see this come to fruition.

To say I connected the spaces would be an understatement -- the spaces INSPIRED one another! From the pops of greenery to the blush threaded from the dining room to the living room to the balcony. 

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I hereby declare this to be Tropical Hygge! 

You heard it here first...you're welcome!

Aside from finally having our balcony in it's best state since we've moved in, making it a space where we can leisurely hang out & enjoy the outdoors, what I'm most proud of is that despite the limitations that come with renting, I knew I could transform this boring balcony into a super dope outdoor sanctuary. While there were some things I wish I could've done, I couldn't be happier with our new outdoor Hygge space. 

Albie Knows Spring 2018 One Room Challenge Reveal

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