8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Decorating or Designing Your Space

I am under no delusions that every person that comes across my site will hire me -- I'm not for everyone, but more importantly, hiring a designer isn't for everyone. While there are folks who will happily pay someone to take all the designing, planning, and shopping off their plate, there are others who absolutely love it -- not to do professionally, but certainly to do it for themselves. 

If you're that design enthusiast who isn't afraid to tackle your own decorating and/or designing, I want to remind you that there are certain things you still want to keep top of mind before jumping head first into creating your "dreamscape". In the spirit of National Simplify Your Life Week (8/1 to 8/7) I've pulled together some quick questions you absolutely should ask yourself before ever tackling a decorating or design project...

Why am I doing this?

What’s motivating this change? Is it a life event, needing a change of scenery or something else. Whatever it is, genuinely knowing what’s driving this change will be the “thing” that keeps you anchored and focused throughout the process.

How much do I have to spend?

Having a budget is CRUCIAL! I cannot emphasize the importance of this enough. It helps you prioritize and strategize when it comes to where, when, and how to shop.

How much am I willing to spend?

Just because you have it, doesn’t mean you should spend it. What’s most important to you? What can be repurposed and what needs to be replaced? Really put thought into this so you’re not spending haphazardly, only to end up with buyer’s remorse down the line.

What’s my timeline?

Are you trying to pull together a guest room 2 weeks before hosting your first Thanksgiving or did you just buy a home, and are in no rush to furnish the whole thing? Know your overarching timeline, but also be flexible, because life happens. 

Do I need help?

Shameless plug but there’s nothing wrong with hiring a designer… IF you need it. So are you wanting to tackle this on your own or do you want to just leave it to a professional designer? Will you need any other trades (painters, electricians, installers, etc). Decide early on because this’ll definitely affect your budget.

Who else will this affect?

This isn’t just about your relationship status. Yes, if you’re making changes in your home, you want to consider the other occupants — spouse, kids, etc — but also outside people who over time, may occupy the space. You don’t want your guests to dictate your space, but it is something to consider when it comes to how you’ll be using the space.

What am I trying to express?

What are the feelings that I want from this change? How do you want this space to make you feel when you enter it… and how do you want other people to feel? Think about these feelings because they’ll play a huge part in design decision making.

What’s my vision?

You know how much you’re looking to spend. You know the feelings you want to convey. You know how the space’ll be used and by who. But what’s your overarching vision for the space. You can get this inspiration from home shows, Pinterest, friends' homes, furniture showrooms... wherever. Decide this early on and know it in one sentence. Go!

XO Albie