Quick Tips For Styling Your Console Table


I can't tell you how many times I will see someone purchase an amazing console table & then just leave it there -- at the entryway, behind the sofa, along the hall wall -- naked & unstyled. 

Not because they don't want to, but for so many styling simple vignette -- aka a sort of design "snapshot" -- seems to be more daunting & arduous than an entire room!

The thing about vignette styling, whether it's a bookshelf, mantle, bar cart, or console table, is that it's less about the big picture and more about the small details coming together in a way that tells a story. 

Console tables have been a long overlooked accent table but are probably one of the most versatile, which explains why they've been so popular lately. Personally, as a former NYC studio dweller, I learned very early on the awesomeness that is a console table, and with that the awesomeness of styling one.

While the ultimate style of a vignette comes down to your personal aesthetic, there are certain basic elements you can keep in mind to make pulling the look together fun & easy. 

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Albie Knows Easy Vignette Styling

Starting with a blank slate can be both exciting & intimidating -- I get it -- so to eliminate some of the latter, the first step is the most critical:

Assess what you need from the console table. 

What function will it be serving...

A place for you to rest keys, phone, and mail when you come through the door? A decorative destination in a long hallway? Additional storage & surface area, that will also ground a floating sofa?

Why did you get this console? And hopefully, the answer isn't "I don't know" because the functionality will guide your styling choices. 

If your console is "hugging" a wall -- often the case if it is an entry console or hallway console, but also possible in living, dining, and other rooms -- then one key component is wall decor hanging above the console. 

Hanging decor above your console makes great use of the vertical space & creates a focal point when your eye can rest. 

What you hang above your console can be anything from a mirror (which is especially great if you have a small space) to artwork to a gallery wall of family photos.

Other options can be floating shelves or ledges, which as great added storage and/or display for curated pieces worthy of being shown off.

In addition to hanging decor above the console, you can take advantage of the floor space surrounding the console -- decorative storage & additional seating below and/or flanking the console make the best use of the space, while also balancing out the table itself, especially if located in an area like an entryway or hallway -- it can start to look real lonely if not grounded by other pieces. 

To also ground the console, but also a practical addition -- lighting. 

Table lamps -- 1 off to the side or 2 flanking the ends -- are a great way to start building the vignette & [obviously] illuminate the area. Make it a good looking lamp or 2, and you've hit the trifecta of height, balance, and decor!

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Lastly, as with any styling look you round it out with decorative accessories & personal accents to really make it your own for a well-rounded & curated vignette!

This can mean adding in books, plants, boxes, statues...the options are endless! The key here, however, is to play with your groupings, specifically heights, to make sure everything looks curated yet collected -- we're not creating a museum presentation but we also don't want it to look too cluttered or messy. 

This vignette is a snapshot of your entire aesthetic, so you want it to accurately & cohesively reflect your style & story!

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