Renter Friendly Upgrade With Removable Wallpaper


Time and time again you hear about what isn't possible as a renter, with one of those things being wallpapering! But to be fair, almost no one likes to wallpaper, not even homeowners, because when you think of the removal process all you know is that it sucks!

This is why I've been a long time fan of removable (or "peel and stick") wallpaper.

As a renter, I'm a fan of just about any "peel & stick" wall solution -- like the tile we used to create our kitchen backsplash or the contact paper to resurface the bathroom counter -- that allows me to basically customize my rental for the time that I'm there.

These simple reversible upgrades can do so much to transform any space, so naturally, when it came time to plan for my daughter's room, I knew that removable wallpaper would make for a PERFECT accent wall solution!

Albie, why does a three-year-old need an accent wall?

So glad you asked friend...

When thinking about giving her her own room for the first time, I knew I wanted it to be something "timeless" that she could grow with for however long we'd be living here, versus something themed or age specific. Having an accent wall would be a great way to add a chic & sophisticated touch that could work for a toddler or teenager. 

Also, the accent wall was a cheat -- I had NO DESIRE to repaint the walls in there since it was less than a year ago that I painted it for my office. I still loved the color & knew that the right wallpaper could offset its "adult" feel for something soft & chic. 

Thank God for a design plan because it took me almost no time to find a removable wallpaper that I immediately knew was the one.

Lulu & Georgia Ethereal Botanist Removable Wallpaper

Lulu & Georgia Ethereal Botanist Removable Wallpaper

The wallpaper, from Lulu & Georgia, features a floral pattern that's bold enough to make a statement, yet soft enough to bring a sense of calm to her room.

After selling my husband on the idea of removable wallpaper, especially since it wasn't exactly the cheapest investment, I was super geeked to get my hands on it & get it up on the wall. 

Fun fact about me: in my mind, I always concoct these lofty design projects that in real life I have no business doing because I'm not exactly the handiest person -- I have shaky hands, so there's that. Knowing this would be no difference, I immediately tasked my husband to take care of this, for fear that I'd ruin the walls, the wallpaper, or both. 

When they say the wallpaper is removable and repositionable, they mean it -- super easy to lay but if (when) you make a mistake, it's super easy to adjust & correct. 

Even after only completing half a wall, I could notice a change in the room -- like the room suddenly woke up! I really knew it made a difference when I caught my husband walking by her room after we started, and he would just stop in the doorway & stare at the wall. This is a man that isn't easily moved by anything decor related so that was TOTALLY monumental!

The wallpaper definitely looks as good way better in person than I could have ever imagined from the website!

Albie Knows Renter Friendly Upgrade With Removable Wallpaper

Now remember when I said I tend to have these big lofty ideas that may not turn out as great in real life? While the wallpaper turned out great, it was not without its challenges, because I totally forgot to account for the fact that this wall would have the most cut outs -- light switch, heat control, breaker box, and outlet...oh and did I forget to mention the 8 standoffs for two glass whiteboards?

Yeah, fun times!

If not for the magical powers of an x-acto knife, this might've been way way worse! But I can't even tell you enough times how obsessed I am with this wallpaper and the transformation that it has already made in her room. 

She's COMPLETELY obsessed so that's 3 for 3 approval, which is RARE! To be honest, I could stop her room now and everyone would be happy...but I won't, LOL. 

Can't wait to keep sharing updates with y'all but OMG, this alone, has made all the difference!

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