Shop With Me: Current Surya Home Favorites


As a designer, we have access to brands & products that may not be readily available to the general public. We're able to leverage these relationships to create custom & curated designs for our clients, truly giving them a unique experience. 

But sometimes you want to be able to touch up your space like a designer...without a designer.

One of my favorite designer brands -- Surya -- is a destination for beautiful accents & decor, and it also happens to be a designer favorite. What you may not know, however, is that it's also an accessible brand at other regular-degular retailers (some of your favs!) that you can easily shop on your own. 

Check out my roundup of Surya favs that you can easily get your hands on from some of my go-to retailers for all the pretty things -- The Design Network,, Nordstrom Home, and Wayfair.

Surya Home Favorites by Albie Knows

So here's a little bit of truth for you...

There are more brands that I can even begin to name that are available exclusively to designers or other members of the interior design industry. But that doesn't mean all is lost.

Often, many of these brands provide some of their assortment to consumer facing retailers -- so while you may not have access to their entire product assortment, you're able to browse your favorite home retailer for some of those more exclusive finds. 

So can you shop the entire Surya catalog at a store like Wayfair? Nope! Not even a little bit. But can you snag a little somethin' somethin' for your home? Abso-freaking-lutely! 

I had a whole blast browsing different sites, discovering how much of their assortment was available to you and, with a quick "click" and "add to cart", could have you shopping like a designer.



Surya is typically top of mind for fabulous marquee pieces, as well as finishing touches, but they're for sure known for their lighting & rug assortment.




So, what do you say friend? Are you ready to start shopping like a designer?

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