Shop With Me: Decorating With Natural Weaves

Shop With Me: Decorating With Natural Weaves | Albie Knows

Y’all know I love me some hygge right? And one of my favorite elements of hygge design is the use of natural elements to create a design that feels layered with warmth and texture and character. 

There are a variety of natural elements that you can bring into your home to “hygge” it up, and these same elements can translate across design styles, depending on the other pieces in the space. 

Some popular weaves and textures are raffia, rattan, and jute — elements that can be (and often are) easily mixed up with one another — and that’s just scratching the surface! When it comes to wanting to add that earthy feel to your space, you can also consider options like water hyacinth, rush, and grasscloth.

Decoding the precise differences between the different options would require a whole different post, and ain’t nobody got time for that. LOL. Today, we’re going shopping — how can you bring in these cozy elements into your home through different furnishings and decorative elements?

Let’s Shop!

While there was a time people shy’d away from the look because they felt it was “too eclectic”, “too bohemian”, or “too earthy”, I know that in recent years, it’s become very on-trend and increasingly popular for all the Pinterest pics and Instagram inspiration. 

Are natural weaves and materials your jam or something that you’d consider?

Personally, while my style is not even close to eclectic or bohemian or any of the other misplaced descriptors attached to using natural elements, I love incorporating pieces like these to really bring in more texture and visual interest. Not to mention that these types of pieces are great conversation starters, super durable, and can go with just about anything, any style. 

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