Shop With Me: High Point Market Fall Trends...Now!


Going to High Point Market in a few weeks is going to be a major treat for any interior designer or design industry professional -- it's like our fashion week! 

With that said, to be as prepared as possible (and minimize some of the overwhelm, because it can totally be sensory overload) checking out new drops beforehand from vendors is basically a must. 

After browsing all the trends to look out for & product forecasts (and composing myself, because WOWZA!) a thought occurred to me... 

How many of these trends are already showing themselves now?

If any of these predictions & debuts could be shopped now, or at least something close to & accessible, it's like you'll be ahead of the curve, so I've rounded up some current "dupes" of upcoming drops!

These are trends that have been chosen by industry insiders & elite, but being that they’re what’s to come, using these as inspiration, I’ve shopped around for what’s here now!




Cased Goods

Wall Decor

Decor & More

Personally I am super excited to see #allthethings when I get to High Point, in addition to a whole host of specific things I’m looking forward to, But I also know that I may not get to it all, so it was also fun to just see how future trends are already somewhat showing up around us now!

Albie Knows