Shop With Me: H&M Spring Hygge Haul


Fair Warning: This haul is lots of pink, lots of pillow covers, and lots of Hygge. So if that sounds like your jam, grab some coffee & let’s jump into what I bought.

This haul definitely illustrates what I consider to be Spring Hygge — lots of cozy textures and natural elements, punctuated by soft tones perfect for Spring.

Adding to my throw pillow cover collection, I got 4 new covers — 2 of em the same, but in diff colors.

The velvet lumbar cover is a sort of a staple but in the dusky pink, it really adds the subtle touch of spring for wherever that pillow ends up.

The fringe covers add visual interest & just the right amount of glam. I couldn’t decide on which color to get so I got both the light grey & light pink.

The zebra print cover spoke to me immediately & I had to have it. It adds its own brand of neutral drama to the space with the contrasting stripes.

Just gorge!

Since I didn’t want to have to eliminate another pair of covers to accommodate the new zebra print, I also got a new pair of 20x20 cushion inserts.

Moving into the dining room, I got some new textiles & thangs for tablescaping.

The linen runner would make for a great addition to my dining area. The light color for me was the perfect way to soften up the space by contrasting the dark wood table. It would also work nicely with just about any of my other tablescape elements. Made of 100% linen, it was also a great subtle way to incorporate more Hygge in the dining area.

The placemats, also linen, I decided to get in a slightly darker color. While I don’t have plans on using em together, if I decided to go that route, they’d compliment each other nicely — y’all know how I feel about “sets”. I figured these placemats would also make a great everyday alternative to my gold chargers and/or the leaf placemats from another spring home decor haul.

Next up I have some dotted napkins — 4 of em — and I live! I found the polka dots to be just a right amount of retro chic; and while my tastes aren’t retro in the slightest, I appreciated how this design was executed and had to have em.

If you saw my first H&M haul, you saw the wooden plate that I purchased. I’d only gotten 1, to be honest, because they were low in stock — I wanted 4 but they only had 3 & while I can make sense of having 1 or 2, I couldn’t make sense of having 3. In the rerelease (for spring I guess) they added a light natural finish. I was able to get 4 and OMG, I live.

My fav feature of these plates is the color variations from plate to plate so now I can use em as God intended — to add a warm, natural, Hygge element to my tablescape.

Tablescaping, for me at least, is like getting dressed in the fall — it’s all about the layers! So naturally, a smaller bowl or plate is a must & I found this small white plate to just be an adorable yet chic touch.

Nothing says warm & cozy better than some faux fur...and especially faux fur slippers. When they’re on sale, it really is a no-brainer! These slippers are what dreams are made of — super soft & plush, and just the right amount of snugness to actually keep em hugging your foots.

Love. Them.

I feel like I am my best self when I have in my robe, slippers, and glasses, whilst enjoying some coffee.

It’s the little things indeed :) #hygge

Albie Knows H&M Spring Hygge Haul

I really hope you guys enjoyed and I cannot wait to put everything where it belongs aka to start styling.

XO Albie Knows