Shop With Me: What's On My Fall Home Decor Wishlist

Albie Knows Fall Wishlist Round Up

It's that wonderful time of year when the air is less sticky, the coffee is more pumpkin spicey, and wearing layers is not only acceptable, it's preferred --

welcome to Fall. 

Granted it's not officially Fall, says the calendar, but with August over & September upon us, it practically is. 

What's also great about Fall is that it's a great time of year to transition your decor -- warmer tones, lots of pumpkins, or maybe just a much-needed refresh, especially with the Winter holidays on its heels. 

If you're my people, then you've probably been low key (high key) coveting a few pieces here and there for your home for the new season, so I thought I'd share with you what's on my Fall wishlist -- some I'll get and some I'll just admire from a safe, budget-friendly distance. 

It's no secret that I rely heavily on textures to style our place, and with that, I love to play with textiles because they're a commitment free way to switch up the color palette, decorate for a season, or experiment with style. 

Some of my favorites are pillows (and pillow covers) rugs & runners, bedding, and drapes, so for the Fall I've had my eye on refreshing our home with more patterned neutrals.

I have secretly been  wanting to change the rug in my daughter's room, even though I don't really have to. And because I use runners throughout our condo -- the kitchen, bathroom, and hallway -- that's a quick & easy way to quickly refresh those areas with minimal effort. 

And how can a do a master bedroom refresh without updating the bed linens!

I'm a huge proponent of duvet covers because it makes way more sense than trying to fold & store a bunch of chunky comforters -- duvet covers take up about as much folded space as sheet sets.

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Another major update I've been wanting to do is to our living room  -- specifically out accent furniture!

The accent furniture throughout the house -- i.e. side tables, consoles, and poufs -- could really use an update, and they're a pretty easy way to change the feel & the entire space, without having to disturb my bigger pieces. 

The living room already has a cocktail table & side table, and even though they're still great & good looking, I just want a change. My husband would much rather a cocktail ottoman (and I don't disagree) and I would love a bit more storage, even though, thankfully, our sectional chaise also has storage

Another area I'd love to incorporate new accents tables are in our master bedroom -- as an alternative to a second nightstand, for an updated vanity area, and to complete our seating corner. 

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There are a lot of decorative accents I've wanted to add or just change in our home, so now that we've lived her for over a year, I want to have an assortment that I can rotate especially since I've had time to really see where there are opportunities for styling -- naked walls, bare shelves, and non existent vignettes (so embarrassing!). 

I'm a huge fan of wall candy, but I am an even bigger fan of being able to rotate the wall decor -- swapping out a mirror for artwork, bringing a piece from one room into another for a new look...basically, I want to shop my own home!

Especially being in a condo -- larger than our studio but still a small space -- I love using mirrors to maximize lighting & give the illusion of more space. And since we're not exactly art connoisseurs, we can rotate those pieces without reservation. 

Then there's the surfaces -- we have 2 bookshelves, a fireplace with a mantle AND hearth, a few accent tables... all PRIME for styling! And while I keep a pretty decent inventory of decor around, there's definitely room for improvement.

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Speaking of keeping our small space stylish & functional, I always have my eyes on new lighting & storage solutions! 

In our bedroom, I especially want to start laying the lighting a bit more, to not only creating more soothing, Hygge lighting, but to really serve us a bit better for different functions. 

Right now we have the overhead light & one table lamp. And of course, natural light, thanks to the fairly large window. But here's the thing -- the table lamp takes up a bit of space on the nightstand & is also super warm -- aka not my jam! I want a light more ideal for reading at night without sacrificing surface space -- enter plug in wall sconces! Plus this way, we'll be able to have one on each side of the bed, versus just the one light. 

Another light source I want to introduce in our bedroom is for our full length mirror because DUH, selfies! LOL. Who wouldn't want to illuminate their full length mirror, and a picture light will be PERFECT. But vanity aside, our full length mirror is right beside the window, which is great for getting natural light, but it's also behind the side of the door that swings in, meaning unless the door is closed, there's always a shadow cast on the mirror. 

I've also been wanting to play with neon, novelty lights in my daughter's room & above my vanity, because why not. 

Then there's the storage. I could really & truly shop ALL DAY, EVERYDAY, YEAR ROUND for stylish storage solutions. But now that there's been a shift in rooms, I am definitely noticing opportunities for us to better wrangle our things, without just stuffing em away somewhere! 

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I don't know that there's ever a time I'm not shopping kitchenware but for the Fall, I especially wanna update a few things, starting with the cookware! Tis the season of cooking after all.

Tis also the season for entertaining, and since y'all know I love to tablescape & play with my coffee bar, a few of these items seem like a no brainer! 

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Speaking of the season... the Fall & Winter are known for primetime decorating! 

Last year was the first time I dabbling with pumpkin decor and this year I want to do more! Nothing to over the type, but definitely a little bit of something to say Hello Fall, without isolating and any one holiday, especially since the real start of the decorating season will eventually be Christmas!

I love that one of my favs, Cost Plus World Market, already has ornaments available to buy. While I don't need much, some are just hard to pass up!

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There we have it folks -- SEVENTY (because I counted) of the things I am swooning & drooling over & coveting for my home for Fall.

While I definitely could've EASILY gone to 100 (maybe I shall by the time the weather actually reflects the calendar) I decided to show a bit of restraint keeping in mind that new arrivals are always on the horizon!

Albie Knows