Sideboard Sound Off: 50 Of My Favorite Sideboards For Every Home, At Every Price


Ever since we moved our sideboard into the dining room from what used to be my home office (to make room for our daughter getting her own room) I have been even more obsessed with it. And it may very well be turning into my favorite piece of furniture! 

Albie Knows Sideboard Round Up

We originally bought the sideboard for additional storage in our first Washington apartment -- there was practically NO storage anywhere but in the kitchen & bathroom! The unit lived in the living room, under the tv, and housed everything from paperwork to spare blankets -- we really had a storage problem! 

Moving into our condo, it found new life in my home office since our tv was now mounted above the fireplace. In the office it made perfect sense to hold paperwork & all my supplies for work. 

Now the sideboard has found its way into our dining room and it's like it belonged there all along! 

Even though there was an option to add legs to our unit, we chose not to, and so it sat directly on the floor for over a year. When I found the most amazing set of acrylic furniture legs that I could add to the unit, it completely transformed it, and in the dining room this chic DIY upgrade was too perfect.

Not only is it still providing us with a stylish storage solution, as always, it is now an opportunity for tablescaping & styling -- everything from bar decor to holiday vignettes!

With this piece being such a staple, I decided to round up 50 of my FAVS from across the interwebs (and price points) so that you can get your storage in formation too!



Under $500


$500 to $1500


$1500 to $2500


$2500 and Up


Shopping these definitely had me feeling like it was time to upgrade our sideboard situation because, OMG, swoon! From the storage to the bar potential to the designs...I can't imagine any of these not looking good in any home, so happy shopping!

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