Tablescaping for the Winter Holiday Season


OMG — It’s Christmas!

It’s interesting how once Thanksgiving is over, hosting dinners isn’t as nerve-wracking — at least the pressure isn’t as bad for Christmas or the New Year, but that doesn’t mean a little something something can’t or shouldn’t be done.

While I love to shop — duh! — I don’t believe I always have to buy everything all new every time I want a new look, because no one has that kind of money or storage!

Last year everything was new & I went with a super glam winter wonderland type of “theme” for the tablescape and I loved it!


I still love it!

It featured lots of golds & blues, and white what the primary color really anchoring everything in a way that made it still look clean & neutral, even with all the sparkly bling.

When I decided to set the dining room tablescape, this year I pulled out my fav tablescaping pieces from last year — because that’s when almost everything was purchased — and started to plan out place settings with what I had on hand.

By playing around with what I already owned, I was able to come up with 4 unique place settings, all giving a different type of hygge meets glam vibe to our dining room.

I was able to do this, effortlessly, and so I also wanted to show you essentially how easy it is to tablescape without really having to do the most. 

Albie Knows Holiday Tablescape 1.gif

Tablescape #1

Casual Hygge Glam

This setting is essentially a remix of our every Hygge table setting. By adding the golden charger for a pop of glam against the clean white plates, alongside the resin & golden napkin ring, this everyday collection shines (see what I did there).

By mixing metals with the silver flatware, the pairings are still able to maintain their casual appeal.

My favorite element of this place setting, however, is the custom surprise of “hope” “love” “grace” or “faith” that each guest will see when they lift the petal porcelain plate.

Albie Knows Holiday Tablescape

Tablescape #2

Chic & WhimSICAL Hygge

A tablescape doesn’t always have to be formal & serious, or even match!

The pops of blush from the dinner plate to the flatware give this setting a chic touch, while the dotted napkin add an air of fun & whimsy, a la Kate Spade (may she rest in peace).

With a subtle touch of mixed metals & the wooden plate peaking through, this setting is equal parts Hygge, glam, and fun. Totes the perfect setup for a holiday brunch with your besties or hosting Christmas breakfast with out of town guests.

Albie Knows Holiday Tablescape 3.gif

Tablescape #3

Formal Winter Glam

With this one I wanted to go a bit more formal, because why now?!

Using the contrasting blush & blue hues introduced a bit of fun drama, while the thread of golden pops from the charger, bowl, and flatware give it a cohesive air of elegance.

Introducing the poinsettia & bird pick, that’s also in our Christmas tree (which feature their own subtle hints of shimmer & glam) is a great way to really set this up as a winter tablescape, without it being over the top Christmassy.

Albie Knows Holiday Tablescape

Tablescape #4

Glam Holiday Minimalist

It is the holidays after all, so a ew well placed ornaments are never a bad idea, but they’re especially perfect against the clean back drop & sharp lines of all white dinnerware.

Golden pops in the flatware, napkin ring, bowl, and charger bring the glam, without compromising the simplicity of the the table setting.

Playing with a bit of juxtaposition with the round salad plate adds visual interesest, and if you look closely, you’ll notice the golden rim of the plate as well. Simple touches for big impact.

Albie Knows Tablescaping for the Winter Holiday Season

When we first set up our dining room back in 2016, i was very deliberate out choosing a table that I could style with a myriad of options.

While it has clean lines & simple design, our dining table also has lots of personality all its own.

This combo makes tablescaping super easy, especially since I always have the added benefit of a rich walnut finish as the backdrop for all of my place settings.

We’re not hosting any holiday dinners but throughout the day we will be having Christmas breakfast, lunch, and dinner as a family. And when New Year’s Day comes, we’ll be doing the same thins — as a Haitian-American, January 1st has always been a big deal in my home & it’s a tradition I’ve held onto.

Rounding out the entire table are staple components that work with each and every setting:

Runner | Stemless Red Wine Glasses | Stemless White Wine Glasses | Stemless Champagne Flutes | Wine Glass | Champagne Flutes

Having a set up that I can enjoy looking at, my husband appreciates, and my daughter not destroy is a pretty big deal; and it’s been an easy way to make the space seem decorated without actually doing a whole heck of a lot.

Albie Knows