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Shop With Me: Decorating With Natural Weaves

Y’all know I love me some hygge right? And one of my favorite elements of hygge design is the use of natural elements to create a design that feels layered with warmth and texture and character. 

Some popular weaves and textures are raffia, rattan, and jute — elements that can be (and often are) easily mixed up with one another — and that’s just scratching the surface! When it comes to wanting to add that earthy feel to your space, you can also consider options like water hyacinth, rush, and grasscloth.

Decoding the precise differences between the different options would require a whole different post, and ain’t nobody got time for that. LOL. Today, we’re going shopping — how can you bring in these cozy elements into your home through different furnishings and decorative elements?

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Amazon Shopping: ROYGBIV For The Home

One of my favorite presentation styles as a merchandiser was color blocking but specifically using ROYGBIV to display merchandise. What’s ROYGBIV? ROYGBIV is an acronym for Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet — aka the rainbow. With June being LGBT Pride Month, I have been reminded of how a rainbow — ROYGBIV — can be a fun and vibrant addition to any space! Since shopping Amazon is one of my favorite past times here are my ROYGBIV inspired finds for the entire home.

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Apartment Must-Haves: Essentials For Every Room In Your New Home

After countless moves, I like to think I know a thing or two about apartment readiness. I’ve learned what to prioritize, what’s a necessity, and what can totally wait when it comes to making our rental feel like a home. Not to be confused with moving essentials, whether I was starting from scratch or bringing things with me, there were some things that I found myself always needing in my apartment.

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What To Do With That Spare Room

One of the best design problems I have the pleasure of solving for clients isn’t helping them style accessories or choose paint colors or organize odd space…it’s been helping them decide what to do with their “extra” room. Talk about a good problem to have. There are so many options that we don’t think of because it’s not what’s expected but really, when you have a spare room in your home, there are a myriad of ways that you can ensure that room serves you. Here are 10 different rooms you can put that spare room to use in ways you’ll actually use.

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Airbnb Essentials To Create A Great Guest Experience

While I’ve never considered myself a hotel snob, I’ve always been pretty particular about certain hotel requirements; and for that reason, I’ve never stayed at an Airbnb. When this whole Airbnb business model became a thing, I was very skeptical about staying in someone else’s home. The way a host prepares an Airbnb is no different than the way a host would prepare a guest bedroom…or at least it shouldn’t be. So what makes a great Airbnb?

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Tablescaping for the Winter Holiday Season

While I love to shop — duh! — I don’t believe I always have to buy everything all new every time I want a new look, because no one has that kind of money or storage! When I decided to set the dining room tablescape, this year I pulled out my fav tablescaping pieces from last year — because that’s when almost everything was purchased — and started to plan out place settings with what I had on hand.

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High Point Market Trends I’m Looking Forward To In 2019

Going to High Point Market did a lot for my businesses but I made to observe as not only a designer, but as a design enthusiast. I wanted to take in all the inspiration & trends with a curated eye, thinking about how a lot of what I was seeing would eventually start to show up in the marketplace in the new year. After finally getting a chance to catch my breath, I’m sharing with you my 2019 forecast, but also how a lot of it is already around us. 

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Quick Tips For Styling Your Console Table

I can't tell you how many times I will see someone purchase an amazing console table & then just leave it there -- at the entryway, behind the sofa, along the hall wall -- naked & unstyled. While the ultimate style of a vignette comes down to your personal aesthetic, there are certain basic elements you can keep in mind to make pulling the look together fun & easy. 

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Achieving Simple Feng Shui For Happy Living

The words "Feng" and "Shui" have very simple meanings -- "wind" and "water" -- that represent the presence of balance & harmony. The overarching principle behind the art of Feng Shui is about creating harmony in your everyday life through the flow of energy. This is why so often, although sometimes misused, we'll hear people talk about Feng Shui when referring to their furniture layout -- how is the energy moving throughout this space? That flow of energy is your "chi" and at the center of really establishing good Feng Shui and ultimately setting the tone for your space. 

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