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Kitchen Accessories Shopping Guide: All White Everything

The all white kitchen trend is one that every season people wonder if it’s over. But here’s the thing — there is more than one way to achieve an “all white kitchen” look. If the trend of all white everything is one that you’re holding on to with both hands and/or have secretly been coveting for your own home, you can totes get your wish without doing a complete overhaul of your cabinets and counters. For this installment of my kitchen color guide series we’re tackling the ever so popular (or hated) white on white!

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Kitchen Accessories Shopping Guide: Hues of Blue!

We're back with another installation of the kitchen color series! And I figured what better color to do during the winter than the cool hues of blue. If you read my High Point Market trends forecast from Fall 2018 market, then you know that one of the color families that was very prevalent at market was denim blue hues. We’ve got some navy, some royal, some aqua…a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

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Kitchen Accessories Shopping Guide: Blush Pink!

This year blush pink as definitely become a growing trend in fashion & home decor, serving almost as neutral and getting paired with lots of metal tones and/or dark dramatic hues. But despite, it's growing popularity, it's definitely one of those colors that is a kitchen challenge -- how do you do it without dredging up old school kitchen nostalgia?

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Kitchen Accessories Shopping Guide: Copper!

Copper (really metallic tones) have become increasingly popular in design and is one of the easier ways to really jazz up your decor; however, done incorrectly, you can go all the way wrong.

So I've put together 20 of my favorite copper kitchen finds for your shopping pleasure. 

You're welcome!


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