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Announcement: The New Albie Knows Decor Discovery Shop

Back in 2016 when I launched the original Decor Discovery is was a subscription box —  I thought I was out of my depth & just downright nuts, but I went for it anyway, and was immensely blessed to have seen it come to life. After an amazing first year, as I prepped for year two, I had a decision to make — a tough one to let go of the subscription. Here we are, now another year later, and I still have that passion for shopping & wanted to bring my finds to you. But now, instead of a bi-monthly subscription box, I’ve decided to do say by way of a curated shop! 

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2018 A to Z Productivity Must Haves & Hacks

Many lessons, applications, and failures later, I think I've got this! Balancing the different areas of my life has been a juggling act of pragmatic choices & creative solutions, at the heart of which is LOTS of online & offline tools.

So, if you're any kind of entrepreneur, and you struggle with figuring out what you need...or if you've just wondered, "How the heck does she do it?!" here's a peek behind the scenes that is my life as an entrepreneur, student, wife, and mom...

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New Year's Resolutions For Your Home

With a new year always comes new year's resolutions -- all those personal things we want to accomplish over the next 365 days. But did you know that your home affects how you show up in the world? Think about it -- this is the place you eat, sleep, live...naturally how it looks & feels will carry over into how you look & feel. 

This is why I've decided to come up with 7 easy resolutions (translation: resolutions that you can actually keep) for your home, to not only help you love your space but also design your life for 2018. 

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5 Steps To... Love Your Space

Most people have no problem celebrating love and milestones in their relationships... Valentine's Day and anniversaries get recognized, yet most of us don't give a first, second, or third thought to loving up our homes. Now, yes, we may decorate, but what are we really doing to show the place we live, rest, and spend our lives that same love we show to the people in our lives. Here are my 5 ways you can love your space every day. 

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