Pros & Cons of Moving


So in my lifetime, I've moved 7 times. With every move, I found myself constantly trying to define my life via my space.

Because I'm someone who lives in my head, I'm also someone who's always planning and envisioning and daydreaming. I'd get lost in thought planning changes I'd want to make; because no matter what was happening around me, I needed to be able to control my home.

With each move, this has always been the case. Also with each move, I've learned just a little bit more about myself, the people in my life, and honestly, the world around me.

When I lived with my mom, I was ALWAYS moving my room around. There would be nights where what started as folding laundry & organizing my closet is now me moving the bed & putting down the carpet at 3 am -- confused my mom every time, lol.

Moving into my NYC studio, this was my first time I was furnishing an entire place by myself. 

I was always planning what to buy, whether I could afford it or not. I wish I could say this is about how I've always known I wanted to be a designer, but it isn't...not even close.

Although in hindsight, it seems like all paths lead here... but I digress.

Albie Knows Pros & Cons of Moving

When I finally got around to being able to really create a home -- my home -- I was excited but also realized it was a lot easier in my head.

To be clear, when I first moved out of my parents' home, I had a roommate, so my studio what my first real life, name on the lease apartment. I had to very pragmatic because space was tight & money was tighter. Fast forward to now, moving with my family, and it was a fresh start to decorate like a grown up.

The same meticulous process I would go through with clients, I applied to my own move, especially since we'd be starting from scratch.

I made sure I had as many pictures and floor plans as possible for any place we were considering so that I could envision what it would be like to actually live in the space. The last thing I wanted was oversized furniture dwarfing my space or anything getting in the way of our princess running freely. Thankfully, marrying my style with my husband's was as easy as getting married period (2 words: city clerk) and one of the things we had in common was our pseudo minimalist preferences.

With that, deciding where to shop based on style & budget was super easy! 

I'll admit, I wasn't much of "pinner" when it came to planning things out, but I definitely did browse Pinterest for inspiration and guidance, and on the latter, I turned up bupkis. Everything was either about packing or about buying furniture -- nothing useful to me. So as I we started going through the process, I started mentally cataloging everything we did that was useful and/or made us more efficient, as well as anything that made us counterproductive (i.e. browsing any furniture showroom that was out of our budget). 

We moved into our condo and, for the first time in a very long time, I feel settled into my space. Granted we're still layering things in, but I'm certain if I posted pictures right now, you'd think we were done.

Fun Fact: a designer is never really done.

The Highs

I live for a fresh start that doesn't happen on January 1st, and that's what moving is.

Even if it's a local move, just by changing your physical space, you're presented with the opportunity to really redefine how you're going to live your day to day.

You've [hopefully] thrown out a lot of junk & can now decide you won't be a hoarder anymore; or now you'll FINALLY frame those 101 free prints from Shutterfly & create that gallery wall you've been swooning over on Pinterest; or maybe you'll just take this as an excuse to go on a Target & HomeGoods shopping spree.

Whatever it is, this is your chance to do it because, even if you're moving with stuff, you have a blank canvas to make your own; and to me that's invaluable. 


I mean any excuse to shop is a well welcome one, but it's almost rare to move and not have to buy anything at all. Even if it's those smaller items, this may just be the refresh your space needed. Yes, you're keeping your old gray couch, but now you can decide instead of a gray & brown living room, you'll finally lighten it up with a new rug or pillows or drapes.

Not every move has to mean you're reinventing the wheel; just re-crafting it. 

I'm very anal & highly organizational, so for me, moving was the perfect time to really take inventory of EVERYTHING. Clothes. Knick Knacks. Toys. Dishes. You name it. While packing [and unpacking] I would assess the value of something & its purpose in our lives.

In addition, it was also a sort of reminder; so 7 months from now when I'm looking for a new tempered glass screen cover for my iPhone, instead of jumping right on my Amazon app, I'll remember I had one left over from yesteryear & I'll actually know where it is now (hopefully). 

The Lows

It's freaking exhausting!

Mentally and physically. You're packing & unpacking, loading & unloading, for what feels like an infinite amount of time. There's the cleaning, the shopping, the organizing. It's all very exhausting, and for some, can be very overwhelming.

This is why some people, a year later, still have packed boxes tucked in a closet somewhere. Yeah, I'm looking at you!

To be honest, this is the very first move I've ever done where everything is unboxed and unpacked and has a place. And it'll probably also be the last. 

When you're starting over, it can be especially tempting to buy everything at once.

Your pockets will hate you for this. But we're human & I include myself in this when I say, we like instant gratification. We've finally decided on a sofa and chairs and tables so we have to get them all now, this very moment, budget be damned.

Now for the next 3 months, you're lamenting over bills... but here's your silver lining -- you'll be lamenting on your comfy new sofa. 

I can't imagine moving for ANYONE being easy, but I'd love to at least give you just a tad bit more guidance than I had when we went on this journey. Sign up for the guide & as always, I'm only an email away :)

XO Albie Knows