Valentine's Day Date Night Tablescapin


It’s that wonderful time of year where getting a restaurant reservation is harder than trying to get a toddler to bed on time.

I’ve never been one to “celebrate” Valentine’s Day for a myriad of reasons but especially because of the crowds — everyone’s outside with their red dresses, red ties, and red roses clamoring for a spot at a “romantic” restaurant.

How is yelling over dozens of other patrons just for a glass of water even remotely romantic?!

Call me old fashioned but I’d much rather celebrate my love in the quiet, intimate setting of my home. There’s no wait time, no mandatory gratuity, and no dress code.

So this year, whether you’re “celebrating” with your significant other over a candlelit dinner or with your fav besties over a casual brunch, I challenge you to trade in the public fanfare for an at home meal...

And that starts with fabulous tablescaping! 

Casually Chic Brunch

Valentine's Day is supposed to be a day of love, not necessarily romance.

Celebrate your super savvy sisters, best glamour gal pals, and boss AF besties with a chic brunch.

Whether you're in a relationship or not, this isn't about that; it's about getting together with the women who light up your life, keep you inspired, and are just a fabulous as you are!

You're brunching with your girlfriends so let's keep it casual but still chic!

Albie Knows Casually Chic Brunch Valentine's Day Tablescape

The Palm Leaf Placemat sets the tone for a fun, tropical get together, perfectly grounding the entire tablescape. Layered atop the placement are a White Alabaster with Gold Rim Glass Charger and a Tropical Print with Gold Rim Stoneware Plate -- a combination that just screams "simple elegance!" 

Albie Knows Casually Chic Brunch Valentine's Day Tablescape

Additional feminine touches are introduced with the Small Light Pink Porcelain PlateWhite & Pink Tye Dye Napkin, and Tropical Patterned & Gold Rim Porcelain Cup; while the White & Golden Flatware and Fabulous (literally, might I add) Cocktail Glasses keep it all looking clean & fun. 

Rounding out the chic elegance are the gold accessories & decor pieces that are both functional & gorgeous: Geode Napkin RingsGold Rim Stoneware Mini Bowls, a Gold And Marble Pedestal Stand, a Gold Palm Leaf Trivet, and a Gold Pyramid Display Case. Add some Mini Rose Quartz Puff Hearts as a final touch & your girlfriends will be swooning over this afternoon of glam & cocktails!

Cozy Day Date

Who said romance only happens at night?

Depending on your lifestyle, you and your significant other may not be able to carve out time for a romantic dinner, especially on a Wednesday night -- there's children to put to sleep, work to prep for in the morning, primetime tv to watch... #allthethings! 

When's the last time you and your love had lunch together? When's the last time you guys went on a "day date"? 

Color me corny, but I love a good day date! Something about the daylight just makes it feel more relaxed & cozy, while still having an air of romance & intimacy. A day date is really a great way to really accentuate the friendship in your relationship. 

If Hygge was a tablescape, it'd be this!

Layering cozy textures and warm neutrals highlight the sort of effortless intimacy of this tablescape. The Ivory Boho Table Runner is the perfect cozy dressing for any table -- full of texture & character -- while the Wood Baroque Chargers add a subtle elegant contrast with their sophisticated silhouette.

This balance of simple & embellished is seen throughout this tablescape.

The White Stackable Stoneware Plate feature a clean, classic look; topped by a Textured Salad Plate give the tablescape a softness, balanced by the gentle drama of the Matte Black Flatware and Dotted Porcelain Bowl with matching Dotted Cotton Napkin. The Carved Wood Geometric Napkin Rings add to the drama with its geometric shape, while also adding to the cozy, natural aesthetic.  

This wouldn't be a Valentine's Day date without a hint of love, which comes through with the White And Red Polka Dot Love Mug, not to mention the Set of 2 Stoneware Plates that reads:  

Chocolate Doesn't Ask Silly Questions. Chocolate Understands." and "Chocolate is the answer. Who cares what the question is?

How appropriate for Valentine's Day!

Rounding out this Hygge inspired look are a Black Metal Trivet, a Wood & Porcelain Two Tiered Stand, a Wooden Salt and Pepper Dish, and a Clear Glass Pitcher. Stems of Eucalyptus (faux is fine) add another element of nature; but in the spirit of Valentine's Day, Pink Flocked Lam's Ear will add both color and texture. 

Romantic Candlelight Dinner

Now we're kicking it old school, with a good old fashioned candlelight dinner dressed in all the right bells & whistles for a romantic night in. 

The best part of creating your own romantic dinner at home is that you make the rules. The setting is curated and handpicked by you (or me) for a truly bespoke experience, leaving more room for woo'ing.

For our romantic night in we need red!

The Crackle Glaze Red Dinner Plates sit atop Pressed Petal Placemats in Champagne, screaming passion, romance, and elegance; while the White Porcelain Bowl with "Love" Motif, literally screaming LOVE! 

While red is certainly the star of this this tablescape, gold is threaded throughout from the Gold Wave FlatwareGold Leaf Napkin Rings, Metal Cake Stand, Glass CarafeGold Detailed Decanter Gold Rim Champagne Glass, and Gold Glazed Cup & Saucer.  

Small White Stoneware Plates, with a petal-esque silhouette, add a classic look, perfectly matched by the Glass Pillar Candleholders; while the marble look of the Linen Napkin and Wine Cooler introduce a hint of modern appeal.

Add your favorite wine (Moscato, if you're a lightweight like me) and a gorgeous bouquet of red roses (even though I personally prefer white), and you've got the makings of a perfect romantic backdrop. 

How do you plan on celebrating Valentine's Day, if at all? Even if you're like me, and it's not really your jam, there's absolutely nothing wrong with having an excuse to dress up your dining room!

XO Albie Knows